Unraveling the Significance of Artificial Turf Thickness: Delving into the World of Artificial Turf Choices

September 7, 2023

As you embark on the journey to find the quintessential artificial turf, the multitude of options can be both exciting and overwhelming. The myriad brands, colors, blade lengths, textures, and materials are the various facets that synthetic grasses boast.

While navigating through these choices can seem daunting, having a spectrum of options is indeed a privilege. However, one aspect of artificial turf that often slips through the scrutiny of consumers is the thickness it bears, and this aspect is crucial for more reasons than one. Contact Green Turf at (951) 656-4150 if you would like more information and a free quote for artificial turf.

The Relevance of Your Artificial Turf’s Thickness

At times, when consumers do pay heed to the thickness aspect, it’s primarily from an aesthetic standpoint. However, the thickness of the turf is a significant indicator of the robustness and potentially the longevity of your synthetic grass over the span of years.

In a general sense, a thicker fiber in a blade of artificial grass correlates to enhanced performance. A thicker turf is often chosen due to its extended durability and superior quality. However, the intended use of the artificial turf should also guide your selection. For instance, a golf course would benefit more from a thinner, shorter turf with a tighter pile, facilitating a smoother roll for golf balls across the surface.

Comparing the thickness across different synthetic turfs can be achieved by extracting a blade from each turf of interest and juxtaposing them. Alternatively, inquiring about the micron measure from the manufacturer or seller can also provide a direct indication of the blade thickness. No matter your preference in thickness, the underlying fact remains: the thickness of turf is a consequential factor.

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