Debunking Myths and Revealing Facts About Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf

April 10, 2024

When considering the best environment for your pets, you might wonder if artificial grass is a good option. Here we debunk common myths and share factual benefits of choosing high-quality artificial turf like TigerTurf for your furry friends. Contact Green Turf at (951) 656-4150 to request a free estimate.

Myth: Pets Can’t Relieve Themselves on Artificial Grass

Fact: One of the biggest misconceptions about artificial turf is that it’s unsuitable for pets to do their business. In reality, high-quality artificial grass like TigerTurf, when properly installed, offers a pet-friendly solution where animals can relieve themselves without issue. For solid waste, simply scoop it up and clean the area with a pet-safe cleaner. Liquid waste can be easily rinsed away with a hose, filtering through the turf into the drainage layer below, keeping the surface clean and odor-free.

Myth: Artificial Grass Is Toxic to Pets

Fact: Safety is a top priority for pet owners, and thankfully, modern artificial grasses like those offered by TigerTurf are non-toxic and safe for pets. They are designed without the need for harmful chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, which are often required to maintain natural grass. This makes artificial turf a safer playground for pets to frolic and play.

Myth: Artificial Grass Is Only Suitable for Households with One Pet

Fact: Whether you have one pet or a multi-pet household, artificial grass can significantly enhance your outdoor space. TigerTurf is built to be durable and withstand the rough play of multiple pets. It’s not only used in residential settings but also in professional environments like dog kennels and daycares, proving its resilience and long-term durability.

The Environmental and Economic Benefits

Artificial grass is not only good for your pets but also benefits the environment and your wallet. It eliminates the need for watering, which can save significant amounts of water each year. Additionally, it reduces the need for chemical treatments, making your yard safer and more sustainable. Economically, while the initial cost might be higher than natural grass, the long-term savings on maintenance and care make it a cost-effective choice.

Ensuring Optimal Installation and Maintenance

Choosing the right installation service is crucial. Professionals like Green Turf ensure that your artificial turf is installed correctly, maximizing the lifespan and safety of the turf for your pets. With antimicrobial infill options like Durafill, concerns about odors and bacteria are minimized, maintaining a clean and hygienic area for pets to enjoy.

Guarantees and Customer Assurance

To ensure customer satisfaction and trust, Green Turf offers significant guarantees on their installations and products. With a 3-year installation guarantee and up to 15 years of manufacturer’s warranty from TigerTurf, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your investment.

For those considering upgrading their yard with pet-friendly artificial turf, understanding these facts and dispelling myths is essential. Artificial turf offers a practical, attractive, and safe environment for pets, combining ease of maintenance with durability. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of artificial grass for your home, contact Green Turf at (951) 656-4150 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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