Learn the Basics About Infill and Its Importance to Your Artificial Grass Installation

December 12, 2022

Learn the Basics About Infill and Its Importance to Your Artificial Grass Installation

“What is infill and why do I need it is?” one of the most frequent inquiries we get. Every day, Green Turf sells and installs artificial grass, which is crucially incomplete without infill. A granular substance called infill is sifted into the spaces between the blades of fake grass to hold the backing in place and to help each blade stay separate and erect.

Your synthetic grass’s infill material can also have an impact on the way it responds to impact, assist in keeping the grass cooler in direct sunshine, and help prevent odor problems. At Green Turf, we offer sand, crumb rubber, and Durafill infill.

Discovering Durafill

“I’d like to learn more about Durafill,” you might be thinking. “Why do you sell it for your artificial grass and what is it made of?” Sand with a green acrylic coating is the main component of Durafill, a sort of infill. The green coating prevents the granules from scratching the grass and aids in its seamless blending with it.

Because Durafill is anti-microbial, it won’t hold onto odors or bacteria. Because it doesn’t absorb as much heat as conventional sand, your artificial turf will stay cooler in the sun. Durafill’s resilience ensures that it will endure for a very long time; in fact, it won’t need to be reapply for the whole of the life of your grass.

Selecting the appropriate infill

Don’t stress about choosing the appropriate infill for your area. We will be pleased to choose the ideal fake grass and infill for your particular home. All outside areas, including those on residential homes, playgrounds, sports court surfaces, churches, golf courses, and more are perfect for synthetic grass.

Are you curious to know more about if artificial grass is the best option for your property? We’re always delighted to address your queries and any worries you might have. Additionally, we’ll provide you a free, personalized quote for your property.

We are the right choice when you want artificial grass installed

Because we have the expertise and understanding to ensure that every square inch of your property looks amazing, Green Turf is the finest option for your artificial grass requirements. We also provide fantastic warranties, including a 15-year limited warranty on the actual grass and a 3-year warranty on installation.

For all types of homes, installing artificial grass is a good investment. Because of the installation costs, artificial grass will initially cost more. However, over time, artificial grass offers a lot of advantages and savings. You won’t need to worry about fertilizing, weeding, watering, or mowing. Additionally, artificial grass will result in a low water bill. We’ll work with you to identify the artificial grass that will be the most cost-effective for your particular site, with pricing starting at $4.25 to $5 per square foot.

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