Is Now the Best Time to Update the Artificial Turf on Your Football Field? Learn Why It Might Be

March 24, 2023

Do your athletes practice and play on subpar fields? The ideal moment to switch from natural grass to synthetic turf from Green Turf is right now. Having artificial grass for your football players to practice on and play their best on during games has a plethora of fantastic advantages. We’d like to talk to you about switching to artificial grass, whether you have numerous fields at a school, a single home field, or any other arrangement.

Call (951) 656-4150 to get your free estimate, which we cordially invite you to do. We’ll come out, take some measurements, go over the alternatives with you, respond to your questions, and give you a free quote for your new artificial grass after we’ve done all of that.

Athletic field

Green Turf exclusively offers premium, high-quality artificial grass from the industry’s leading producer TigerTurf, which we expertly sell and install. You won’t ever have to be concerned about how the weather might affect the state of your turf. Your athletes will have an excellent playing surface for every practice and game with TigerTurf from Green Turf.

Never again will you have to worry about it! Also, you’ll be overjoyed to welcome visiting teams to your sporting fields that don’t have any muddy or dry parts. When you pick artificial grass, your athletic grounds will always be spotless and prepared for even the most strenuous football sessions and games.

Fantastic for football

We provide a variety of sports fields that may be customized for your specific needs. We want to make sure your football players are as comfortable as possible while playing on your great new turf because different sports demand varied turf conditions.

You can rely on us to choose the ideal blend of artificial grass, padding, and infill to create the ideal playing environment for football. For a variety of sports, including football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, tennis, golf, cricket, lawn bowling, netball, as well as multi-use fields, we have years of experience installing different types of athletic field grass.

Kiss Upkeep Good-Bye!

You won’t have to stress about regularly mowing, watering, and fertilizing your sporting fields if you use Green Turf. Your football fields will be in fine shape as long as you occasionally rinse any accumulated debris with a spray or water. Brush the turf occasionally in areas with heavy traffic, but otherwise each blade of grass will continue to stand tall and proud for many years.

A Prudent Investment

We offer the following warranties to truly reassure you. For the turf itself, we provide a 15-year manufacturer warranty, and for the installation, we provide a 3-year warranty. If, in the odd occasion, your turf experiences any covered issues within that time, we’ll return and fix it. Start right away! Dial (951) 656-4150 to reach us.

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