Dogs and Artificial Grass: Can the Two Exist in Harmony or Are There Issues to Be Aware Of?

April 12, 2023

If you’re a pet parent, you might be wondering if having a pet prevents you from enjoying the benefits of owning artificial grass. Anyone who has updated to artificial grass will rave about how wonderful it is, but many people are hesitant to do so because they have pets. If they own pets, many folks are especially worried. The following inquiries frequently go through their minds:

Is it secure? Could my dogs still relieve themselves outside? Could the dogs’ attempts to create holes harm the lawn?

This blog is for you if you have any of these inquiries, or even all of them. Continue reading to learn the answers to all of them. Please feel free to contact Green Turf by phone at (951) 656-4150 if you have any additional questions.

Is it Safe for Dogs?

Yes! All living things, including people, pets, and other animals, can safely walk on artificial grass. Additionally, it is completely non-toxic, so you won’t need to worry at all if your curious canines accidentally swallow a blade or two of grass. Because artificial grass doesn’t require the use of pesticides or fertilizers, it is really safer than natural grass.

By switching to artificial grass from Green Turf right away, you can do yourself and your dogs a favor by getting rid of harmful chemicals from your outdoor area. You’ll be able to let your dogs play and run around outside as much as they like. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about your dogs bringing mud and filth inside any longer.

Could My Dogs Still Relieve Themselves Outside?

Yes! Even if you have fake grass, your dogs will still be able to go outside to relieve themselves. All you’ll need to do to keep your lawn in good condition is to run a sprinkler or hose whenever your dogs urinate to wash it away. Simply pick up solid waste as you would in a park or when out for a walk, and then use a vinegar-based or enzyme cleanser to spot clean the area.

Your lawn will remain flawlessly maintained for many years to come as long as you adhere to these simple maintenance suggestions. You and your pet buddies will both benefit tremendously from TigerTurf’s ability to withstand odors and stains.

Could The Dogs’ Attempts to Create Holes Harm the Lawn?

No, Green Turf‘s artificial grass has a double reinforced backing and is exceptionally sturdy and lasting. Normal curiosity and exploration won’t cause damage, but you’ll want to teach your dogs not to try to dig holes in the lawn every day. You will be able to enjoy your fake grass for many years to come because it will look and perform nicely.

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