Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds

May 6, 2019

Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds

“Kids will be kids,” as they always say. Growing up, you can probably recall the joy you had playing on a playground. The blisters you accumulated from playing on the monkey bars, a sore bottom and rusty fingers you achieved from the swing set, and the static you experienced while going down a slide were all worth it if it meant you were having fun in the process!

While we all knew the cons and dangers of playing on playgrounds when we were children, those thoughts rarely crossed our mind. However, as adults, our mindset is a little different; we want to maintain the safest playground possible for children of all ages.

Thanks to artificial turf, you can make your playground a safer place for the little ones to play!

Reduced Injuries and Softer Falls

One of the primary reasons one should consider artificial grass for a playground is because it is much safer than concrete, wood chips, solid rubber, rubber mulch, gravel, and sand. The fluffy, non-splintery surface of artificial turf reduces the impact of trips and falls, and in turn, reduces the chances and extremities of common playground injuries from bruises to twisted ankles.

With synthetic grass, you also won’t have to worry about children throwing sand or woodchips and potentially injuring themselves or another child. Artificial grass is certainly one of the safest surfaces a playground could ever feature while still allowing children to run, skip, and play.

A Surface That Stays Cool

Here in Orange County, CA, we know the struggle of standing on hot surfaces like asphalt, solid rubber, or concrete on a sweltering summer day. On hot days, these surfaces are not only hot to the touch, but they also reradiate the heat they absorb into the air, leaving us sweaty, fatigued, thirsty, and irritated.

However, having artificial turf on your playground allows you to keep the kiddos cool and free of potential second- or even first-degree burns.

Beauty and Presentability

Particularly with commercial playgrounds, the goal isn’t to just keep a playground safe but also ensure it’s beautiful and generally presentable. Apart from upkeeping playground equipment to renew its former glory and function, the surface of your playground must also appear attractive, professional, and safe.

Deeply-cracked concrete or faded, dry, splintery wood chips are not really the idea of an attractive, presentable playground surface. The good news is, however, is that artificial grass remains green, lush, and smooth in both winter and summer over the course of several years.

Minimal Maintenance

Especially when it comes to public playgrounds, maintenance is critical. Maintaining a playground involves tightening bolts and screws on equipment, repairing broken components, lubricating squeaky swings, and checking for rust and corrosion. That’s not even half of the work involved.

Why make your playground harder to maintain with an unsuitable playground surface like wood chips that frequently have to be replaced or concrete that must be swept daily? With artificial turf, the lower level of maintenance certainly helps you cut corners.

Whether you own a playground or outdoor playset at home or on a commercial site, consider artificial turf one of your solutions for a safer place to play. Call our team today at (951) 656-4150 for more information on artificial turf installation and pricing.

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