Less Work, More Play with Synthetic Grass

February 12, 2018

Less Work, More Play with Synthetic Grass

Did you know that synthetic grass is not only attractive, it can also provide you with more free time? That’s right – when you invest in high quality, beautiful artificial grass from Green Turf, you’ll quickly find that our grass makes your home look better and requires so much less maintenance than natural grass does.

Just think about all the time you spend taking care of your natural grass. Watering, weeding, mowing, seeding, and other tasks take up significant chunks of your free time. But with synthetic grass from Green Turf, you won’t have to worry about doing any of those time-consuming tasks anymore. Our synthetic grass is virtually maintenance-free. There’s no need to mow, water, weed, or seed it at any time. All you’ll have to do is turn the sprinkler or hose on it every once in awhile to keep it in pristine condition.

But does it look good?

It would be so nice to have grass that you don’t have to spend your free time maintaining, but does it look weird? Synthetic grass has come a very long way since the early days, when it didn’t look very good. Now, our grass has a natural mix of green shades and a brown thatch layers that looks amazing in front yards, back yards, dog runs, terraces, and more. You won’t have any more brown patches or muddy areas – you’ll just have pure, gorgeous synthetic grass on every inch of your lawn. You’re going to love how it looks, and you’ll have so much extra free time to enjoy life.

What about my pets?

You may think that you’re not a good candidate for synthetic grass because you have dogs or cats, but that’s not actually the case. Our synthetic grass is ideal for dog and cat owners because it’s non-toxic, lead free, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, clean, and totally safe for pets. To keep your artificial turf looking great year after year, simply scoop up solid pet waste and spot clean the area using an enzyme cleaner or vinegar solution. Liquid waste can be simply hosed down. Since you might not know exactly where your precious pet did his or her business, we recommend just turning on the sprinkler to rinse the whole yard. We also recommend the anti-microbial Durafill infill so you won’t have to worry about the possibility of odors or bacteria lurking in your artificial lawn.

What about the draught?

You can feel really great about having an artificial lawn here in Southern California. It takes about 55 gallons of water per square foot to keep a natural lawn healthy. But when you switch to our beautiful synthetic turf, you’ll feel great about dramatically lessening your environmental impact. This not only conserves a precious natural resource but it also lowers your water bill every month. Win-win!

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