Here’s Why Getting Artificial Turf Installed in Corona CA in the Springtime is the Best Time

March 17, 2020

Here's Why Getting Artificial Turf Installed in Corona CA in the Springtime is the Best Time

Getting artificial grass installed is great just about any time of the year. However, for our team personally, we find that installing turf in the milder weather of spring makes for one of the best times. So, while you’re spring-cleaning the interior of your homes, we recommend also making the decision to spruce up the exterior of your home with gorgeous artificial turf!

Here are a few reasons why we recommend springtime as the best season for artificial grass installation:

You Get to Enjoy Perfect Grass at the Beginning of the Season.

Although Corona, CA gets mild weather in the winter compared to other areas, even these residents know that the higher temperatures, greater amount of sunshine, and longer hours of daylight from mid-spring through summer are excellent for many varieties of live grass. Even in late winter and early spring, many people’s real-grass lawns are still reviving from the colder weather.

But when you get synthetic turf installed, you can achieve greener, lusher grass at the beginning of the season, long before any of your neighbors’ live lawns kick into gear! There’s no greater satisfaction.

Say Hello to Less Maintenance.

Normally as Springtime arises along with warmer weather, it’s about time to start up the extra maintenance: more frequent waterings, regular mowings, you know the drill. However, artificial grass doesn’t grow, and it isn’t living, so you can go completely water-free (with the exception of watering debris off your lawn once in a while).

With little maintenance, caring for a lawn has never been easier than with artificial grass. Now, you have more time to focus on spring cleaning, springtime holidays, and local events!

Artificial Turf Gives Your Pets and Little Ones a Safe Surface to Play on in the Warmer Weather.

The weather will soon be warming up and quite quickly in Southern California. Surely, you won’t want your children, grandchildren, or pets roaming and playing on hot surfaces such as gravel, brick, concrete, and asphalt.

Luckily, fake grass offers a cool surface for you and your loved ones. Plus, synthetic grass is pet-friendly! This makes playtime, picnicking, and generally enjoying the great outdoors so much more pleasant this time of year.

Does artificial turf sound like a great lawn alternative to you? Green Turf has been in business for over a decade providing synthetic grass all over Southern California.

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