Envy your neighbor’s perfect lawn? Get Artificial Grass from Our Green Turf!

February 28, 2018

Envy your neighbor’s perfect lawn? Get Artificial Grass from Our Green Turf!

Are you always driving by your neighbor’s lawn and admiring its lush green? Do you think the grass really is greener on the other side? Wonder why your lawn never looks that good?

Get an amazing lawn

If you want your lawn to look perfect every day, 24/7, then you need to invest in high quality TigerTurf artificial grass from Green Turf. You won’t have lawn envy anymore when you have synthetic turf in your front, back, and side yards.

Very little maintenance

When you have artificial grass from Green Turf, you’ll have perfect-looking grass 365 days a year without having to give up your free time. TigerTurf requires almost zero maintenance – no watering, mowing, weeding, or seeding! All you’ll have to do is occasionally turn the hose on it to rinse away any debris.

Our guarantees give you peace of mind

At Green Turf, you can feel really good about your investment. Your lawn will look great for many years to come – perhaps your neighbor will even drive by YOUR lawn to admire its beauty now. TigerTurf has natural-looking greens and a brown thatch layer, plus soft, inviting fibers that entice you to enjoy it to the max. Plus when you purchase Green Turf, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re making a wise investment. We’ve been selling and professionally installing TigerTurf for over years, so you can be confident that every single inch of your lawn will look its best.

We offer the following guarantees for our artificial grass:

  • 3 year guarantee on installation
  • 15 year guarantee on the turf itself

Perfect for pets

Many people think that if they have dogs and cats, they won’t be able to get artificial turf for their outdoor space, but that’s simply not true. Our pet turf is non-toxic, durable, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and clean. You won’t have to worry about your pet tracking mud into your home when you have synthetic turf in your yard!

To keep your artificial turf looking its best, simply scoop up any solid waste and spot clean the area using an enzyme cleaner or a vinegar solution. For liquid waste, just hose down the area, or simply turn on a sprinkler to rinse the whole yard from time to time. Liquid waste will be washed out of the artificial grass and backing, down into the underlying layer of crushed gravel, and eventually flushed away entirely. We recommend pairing our artificial pet turf will anti-microbial Durafill infill to completely block odors and bacteria from lingering in your lawn.

You’re going to love your lawn!

Your lawn is always going to look great when you invest in high quality artificial turf from Green Turf. We invite you to request your free estimate today by calling (951) 656-4150. We look forward to hearing from you and transforming your lawn into a space you can really be proud of every day.

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