Don’t Let Winter Ruin Your Lawn, Get Artificial Turf Installed in Banning CA Today

December 23, 2019

Don't Let Winter Ruin Your Lawn, Get Artificial Turf Installed in Banning CA Today

Winter isn’t, well, the liveliest of seasons. Frigid air, frost, cold winds, and the occasional rainstorm might wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn. Your grass may grow slower, look less green and a bit patchier, and may even get a little flooded, and before you know it, you have mushy, muddy turf. Fun, right?

While everyone dreams of living in California in the winter, the truth is, even residents in Banning, CA deal with inconveniences during this time of year – and yes, even our beautiful lawns turn into a disgrace. But would if we told you that you didn’t have to worry about ugly grass this season? With artificial turf, you can have green grass no matter what!

Artificial Turf Versus Live Grass During Winter

Appearance-wise, fake grass beats live grass during the colder months. While real grass starts to look discolored and bare, you can count on its synthetic counterpart to appear green, fluffy, and consistent all throughout the year – even during the frost! So, to sum, synthetic grass isn’t affected by the harshness of winter.

But possibly the best benefit artificial turf has over real grass is how easy it is to maintain all year long. Providing enough aeration and fertilization during winter is a must, that is, if your lawn is living. Keeping your lawn mowed down, avoiding stepping too much on your grass during frost, and continuously clearing away debris is also essential for real grass lawns this time of year.

However, when it comes to artificial turf, the only thing you need to do is clear away debris every now and then and be cautious when walking on your turf while it’s frosty – no need to worry about puddling, fertilizing, providing extra aeration, mowing your lawn, or even considering reseeding part of your lawn as spring rolls around! These are definite benefits of synthetic grass.

Need Synthetic Grass Installation in Banning CA? Contact Us Today!

You may be skeptical regarding how great synthetic grass can look in your front or backyard. However, rest assured that artificial grass these days looks more realistic than ever before. And to top it off, you can reap a plethora of benefits just by switching to fake grass – including an easy time maintaining your grass during wintertime (and really, all year ‘round)!

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