Does the Thickness of my Artificial Turf Matter?

October 28, 2019

Does the Thickness of my Artificial Turf Matter?

When you shop around for the perfect artificial turf, you quickly realize how many options you have at hand. Different brands, colors, blade lengths, textures, and materials are some of the things artificial grasses feature. All of these options can seem a little hectic, but nonetheless, it’s nice to have several choices. A characteristic of artificial grass that consumers often overlook, however, is the thickness it presents. Yet, the thickness of artificial turf is an important consideration.

Why the Thickness of Your Artificial Grass Matters

If and when consumers do consider thickness a critical component of their prospective artificial turf, it’s often something they find important for aesthetic purposes. Turf thickness, though, also matters because it indicates how sturdy your synthetic grass will be and potentially how long it will hold up over the years.

Generally, the thicker the fiber of a blade of artificial grass, the greater its performance. That said, many end up selecting a thicker turf due to its greater longevity and quality, but another important thing to keep in mind is your intent for installing artificial turf. For example, if you’re planning on installing synthetic turf on a golf course, it’d actually be recommended to go for artificial turf that’s thinner, shorter, and has a tighter pile to allow golf balls to roll smoothly over the surface.

You can compare the thickness of different synthetic turfs by plucking a blade from each turf you’re interested in and holding them up to one another. Another way to compare thickness is to ask the manufacturer or seller how many microns a specific artificial turf has, which directly indicates how thick its blades are. Regardless of your thickness preferences, one thing’s for sure: turf thickness always counts.

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