Discover Why Artificial Turf is the Best Option for Lacrosse Fields

July 22, 2022

Discover Why Artificial Turf is the Best Option for Lacrosse FieldsMake sure your lacrosse players get what they deserve – excellent turf for competition and practice. TigerTurf artificial grass, which has been shown to provide advantages for all sports, including lacrosse, is best found at Green Turf. Call us at (951) 656-4150 to learn more.

Much superior to natural grass

Artificial grass is a thousand times better than natural grass, something you might not be aware of. Lacrosse and a number of other sports can be played on it with great success. Artificial grass offers a constant playing experience each and every time your athletes step foot on it, unlike natural grass, which always has fluctuating play conditions based on the weather, the state of the grass, and the soil.

TigerTurf has created incredible artificial grass systems through scientific engineering that are tailored to the requirements of contemporary athletes. In order to ensure predictable ball behavior, this artificial grass has been created to offer constant balance, traction, speed, impact response, and safety.

Artificial grass offers a soft cushion that your athletes will appreciate, and you’ll adore how resilient it is to even the harshest, most strenuous sessions and games. TigerTurf athletic field grass offers one of the strongest backings in the whole artificial grass industry, tenacious fibers, and triple reinforced binding.

Impress athletes from both home and abroad

When prospective new students and visitors view your lacrosse athletic fields, do you ever feel embarrassed about their state? It’s completely normal for there to be bare patches, muddy spots, and other issues with natural grass unless you spend a fortune diligently maintaining it. Your lacrosse fields, however, will always look wonderful if you get artificial grass from Green Turf.

Imagine how wonderful it will be to have beautiful fields for your athletes to train and compete on. Because our artificial grass is odor- and fade-resistant, it will continue to smell fantastic for many years to come in addition to looking lively.

Simple to maintain

Artificial grass has numerous advantages over natural grass, including being more appealing and durable while requiring much less upkeep. TigerTurf requires no insecticides, no mowing, and very little watering. As opposed to natural grass, it’s really safer because it doesn’t need any harmful chemical treatments.

When you pick artificial grass from Green Turf, you’ll save tens of thousands of gallons of water every year. We advise periodically using the sprinkler or hose on your fake grass to gently rinse away any accumulated debris. Other than that, there is no need to water!

Get a free estimate right away

We have the tools, know-how, and experience to handle any size job you give us, whether you have a few lacrosse fields or dozens. Any inquiries you may have regarding artificial grass, TigerTurf in particular, or our expert installation techniques will be gladly addressed by us. Call us at (951) 656-4150 to request a free estimate.

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