Can I get Artificial Grass if I have a Dog or Cat?

January 23, 2018

Can I get Artificial Grass if I have a Dog or Cat?

Plenty of people wonder whether they can get artificial grass if they have much-loved pets at home. The short answer is yes, absolutely! Find out more about having artificial grass and owning pets in this informative blog from Green Turf.

There are so many benefits to having artificial turf in your yard, but some people hesitate to make this investment because they’re concerned that it won’t be safe for their pets. At Green Turf, we understand, and we’re happy to answer all your questions and concerns about artificial grass. We want to make sure it fits into your lifestyle and is save for every member of your family.

Drawbacks of natural grass

If you have a dog (or multiple dogs), having natural grass in your yard can be a real pain. Many dogs like to dig holes, which tears up your lawn, leaving brown patches all over the place. Dogs who love to run and play can wear down a perimeter right by your fence, which doesn’t look great and can decrease the resale value of your home. Also pet urine turns the grass yellow, which looks just terrible. And when you let your beloved pet outside to play, he or she will come back inside with dirty paws and fur, so you’ll have to give them frequent baths – or pay someone else to do so.

Perks of artificial grass

But with artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about any of that nonsense. Your life will be so much easier! Green Turf has high quality artificial grass that’s 100% safe for your wonderful pets. We only sell and install premium TigerTurf artificial grass, which is non-toxic, durable, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and totally clean. You won’t have to stress about your pets coming in with dirty paws or fur anymore!

But isn’t it gross?

We know that the idea of your pet relieving him or herself on your artificial turf may not be appealing, but with proper care, it’ll actually be cleaner than natural grass would be. To clean up solid waste, all you’ll have to do is scoop it, then spot clean the area using an enzyme cleaner or vinegar solution. For liquid waste, just hose down the area briefly. If you’re not sure exactly where your pet relieved him or herself, just turn on the sprinkler to rinse the whole yard periodically. During rinsing, the liquid waste will be washed out of the artificial grass and backing, down into the underlying layer of crushed gravel, and then flushed away.

We highly recommend pairing your Pet Turf with anti-microbial Durafill infill so you can be even more confident that odors and bacteria won’t linger in your artificial lawn.

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