Artificial Grass is Great for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

August 30, 2018

Artificial Grass is Great for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Did you know that artificial grass can greatly enhance your commercial outdoor space? Whether it’s an office building, retail shop, or any other kind of commercial outdoor space, you can make it look and function so much better when you upgrade to artificial grass. There are so many reasons to choose artificial grass for your outdoor space. Find out more about artificial grass in this informative blog from Southern California’s favorite artificial grass seller and installer, Green Turf.

It just looks good!

One major advantage of artificial grass is that is simply always looks good. 365 days per year, your outdoor space will look picture-ready without you having to spend an arm and a leg on maintenance. Green Turf only sells premium artificial grass from top manufacturer, TigerTurf. This grass has been specially designed for maximum vibrancy and beauty. It features a realistic mixture of greens and a brown thatch layer to deliver that “wow” factor you crave in your outdoor commercial space. It’s also strong, durable, as well as fade- and stain-resistant.

Our expert installers won’t leave until every single inch of your commercial outdoor space looks great. We would love to install awesome TigerTurf artificial grass on your commercial outdoor space. Call us at (951) 656-4150 today for a free estimate.

The eco-friendly option

Many people don’t know this, but artificial grass is much more environmentally-friendly than natural grass. That’s because it doesn’t require any watering (so important especially in draught-prone Southern California), mowing with greenhouse-emitting equipment, or fertilizing (no harmful chemicals are needed when you have artificial grass!). Plus our grass from TigerTurf is absolutely safe and non-toxic for animals, humans, and Mother Earth alike. Artificial grass from Green Turf is the ideal option for your commercial outdoor space in Southern California.

Save time and money

Most commercial spaces outsource outdoor maintenance to another company. Are you paying thousands of dollars a month to have your outdoor space with natural grass maintained? Then it’s time to stop. Eliminate just about all maintenance costs with Green Turf. To maintain its signature luster, you’ll just have to turn a sprinkler or hose on it every once in awhile to rinse away any debris that may have accumulated and brush any high traffic areas. That’s it! No more watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or any other costly tasks will be necessary when you upgrade to artificial grass from Green Turf. It’s simply the best choice for your commercial space.

Let us help!

When you contact us by calling (951) 656-4150, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll always be treated as a top priority. No project is too big or too small for our complete attention and dedication. Request your free estimate for your commercial outdoor space now by calling (951) 656-4150. We would be happy to send someone your way to evaluate your space, answer any questions you may have about our artificial grass, and give you a highly accurate estimate. Call us at (951) 656-4150 now!

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