You’re going to love your new artificial grass

October 26, 2018

You’re going to love your new artificial grass

Artificial grass is a thousand times better than natural grass. It’s better for the environment (zero need for watering, mowing, or chemical fertilizers!), it will save you money on your water bills, and you’ll spend so much less time on lawn maintenance (hello, free time!). Plus you’re going to love how artificial grass stands up well to daily use, year after year, without showing any signs of wear. You won’t have any bare patches or muddy areas – you’ll just have pristine, vibrant, realistic-looking grass 365 days per year. Make the switch today – you won’t regret it!

Why pick Green Turf for all your artificial grass needs

Now that you’re sold on the idea of investing in artificial grass for your home, now you have to pick a company to install it for you. The good news is that Green Turf serves all of Southern California, and we only sell and professionally install premium artificial grass from top manufacturer, TigerTurf. TigerTurf is recognized throughout the US as a top producer of high quality artificial grass. Their grass has been scientifically designed for maximum durability and beauty. Our expert crews know how to install every kind of artificial grass. They will make sure every inch of your outdoor space looks absolutely great so you’ll be able to enjoy it daily for many years to come.

Low maintenance

Aside from how amazing your lawn is going to look every single day, you’re going to be thrilled by how much free time you have now that you won’t have to deal with cumbersome lawn maintenance anymore. Artificial grass requires no mowing, weeding, or fertilizing (goodbye, chemical treatments!). You won’t have to spend hours of your Saturday or Sunday morning on lawn maintenance anymore. You’ll get so much joy out of spending time outside without dealing with time-consuming lawn maintenance anymore. To maintain the gorgeous luster of your artificial grass, simply rinse it with a hose or sprinkler every once in awhile so any debris that may have accumulated can filter out, and brush any high traffic areas on occasion. That’s it! That’s all you’ll need to do to have an excellent lawn 365 days a year for many years to come.

Bomb warranties

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your lawn with Green Turf. We have the following warranties to give you real peace of mind that you’re making a wise investment. The grass itself is guaranteed for 15 years. If certain covered problems occur with your artificial grass, TigerTurf will replace it at no cost to you. Your grass’ professional installation is guaranteed for 3 years. In the unlikely event that you encounter some issue with the way your grass was installed, we’ll come back to your property and make it right immediately. That’s our promise to you!


Artificial grass is going to improve your life so much. It’s going to make your home look great, save you money on water bills and lawn mowers, and you won’t have to spend nearly as much time on lawn maintenance anymore. Give us a call at (951) 656-4150 to get your free estimate today.

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