You Have Found the Best Solution to the Need for a Drought-Resistant Lawn in Southern California

July 12, 2022

You Have Found the Best Solution to the Need for a Drought-Resistant Lawn in Southern California The National Integrated Drought Information System reports that the longest drought in California history began in 2000 and concluded on March 5th, 2019. However, a future drought is very likely given that much of California has a Mediterranean-style climate.

Even if there isn’t a drought at the moment, Californians should continue to use water sparingly. Being aware of how much water your household uses is essential, even in areas where droughts are unlikely to occur.

Artificial turf can be a great alternative to real grass for drought- and environmental-friendly landscaping. Although many people would feel uneasy about such a radical change, artificial grass can actually be a good replacement for many commercial and residential environments.

The benefits of artificial turf

The fact that synthetic turf doesn’t require watering makes it one of its main advantages and a sensible landscaping choice for areas that are prone to drought. While you might occasionally need to wet down your artificial turf to clear away dirt and debris, your artificial grass can “survive” without water.

You can decrease your monthly water expense because you won’t need to buy any water. In actuality, for an average-sized lawn, watering a live lawn once a week during the summer costs anywhere from $50 to $156 per month. Think about the money you’d save if you switched to grass that doesn’t require any watering at all!

Artificial turf offers several advantages besides just saving water and money on your water bills. It doesn’t require routine mowing, fake grass looks and feels quite real, and it stays green all year long without developing unsightly bald patches. In general, artificial turf can be a more aesthetically pleasing and more cost-effective substitute for real grass.

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