Worried About Muddy Turf? Get Fake Grass Installed in Riverside, CA Today!

October 7, 2019

Worried About Muddy Turf? Get Fake Grass Installed in Riverside, CA Today!

Especially for those with a brand-new home, nothing is more aggravating than having your young child or pet track mud onto your clean carpet or spotless floors after playing on your wet lawn. Whether it had recently rained, or the sprinklers came on not that long ago, it’s really no surprise when the latter occurs. Regardless, mud belongs outside, not in the home setting.

But instead of refusing to let your kiddos or furry friends roam on the grass when it’s wet, a great solution is to get artificial turf installed. Read on to find out why artificial grass can be a great solution to your muddy grass problem.

Never Worry About a Muddy Lawn Again

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with muddy grass, you’ll be happy to be informed that a synthetic lawn doesn’t get muddy. Unlike live grass, there’s no soil present on the surface when you have artificial grass installed. With no soil for water to mix with, artificial grass that gets wet won’t turn into a muddy, swampy mess.

Also unlike real grass, synthetic turf features a breathable backing with several tiny holes that allow excess water to permeate below the turf surface. Above the backing are synthetic blades of grass as well as infill – but no dirt whatsoever. As a result, this leaves you without heavy puddles that sit on the surface of your lawn and, of course, no mucky mud!

As a bonus, artificial turf doesn’t need to be watered, although water won’t hurt it; it’s waterproof. Due to this aspect alone, you bet that you’ll have an even slimmer chance of dealing with puddle buildup on your lawn when you go artificial.

Although mud and dirt can be tracked onto the surface of fake grass (as it would on any surface), you can be confident that your artificial lawn alone won’t get muddy just by interacting with rain or irrigation.

Free Artificial Turf Estimates in Riverside, CA

Is a mud-less lawn enough for you to want to make the switch to an artificial lawn alternative? If you’re still unsure if synthetic turf is the right move for you, know that there are a handful of other great benefits of installing artificial grass.

If it’s the costs of going artificial that worry you, our company is offering free estimates at this time. With a realistic, honest quote, you can have a good idea what artificial grass installation in Riverside, CA will cost you before you make the decision to switch over.

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