Will the Rain Harm my Synthetic Lawn in Rialto CA?

March 24, 2020

Will the Rain Harm my Synthetic Lawn in Rialto CA?

As droplets of rain have been falling in Rialto, CA as of late, one concern our potential and previous clients have is whether or not artificial grass will be negatively impacted. This is a completely understandable concern. Normally, we rejoice with the news of rainy weather knowing that we won’t have to water our live lawn, but with artificial grass, many people worry that it will pose harm to their turf.

Will it ruin an artificial grass installation completely? Is your lawn going to temporarily look ugly after a rain? Will it become a slip and fall hazard? These questions might be running through your head.

Rest Assured that Synthetic Turf is Safe in the Rain!

There’s good news! Modern turf is water permeable. This means as rainwater falls, it will seep through the artificial grass fibers. So, you won’t have to worry about the collection of puddles on your lawn. And, when compared to live grass, you won’t have to deal with the buildup of mud on your lawn nor will you have soggy grass fibers post-rain. Although any surface can be dangerous to walk on when wet, know that in general, rain is no foe to neither live grass nor to synthetic grass!

If Anything, Rain on Artificial Grass is a Good Thing.

Although artificial grass doesn’t require water to stay alive, our turf experts recommend spraying your grass off with water on occasion to keep dirt, leaves, and other fragments off your lawn. This not only keeps it lush, but it lengthens the time until it needs to be replaced. Keeping debris off your grass also makes it a safer surface for you and your loved ones to walk on and, not to mention, gives your home the best curb appeal.

Given the fact that spraying down your artificial lawn is encouraged, rainy weather is beneficial as it replaces the need for you to manually clear off your grass with a hose. This saves you time, water, money, and a headache! That said, you won’t have to resort to singing, “Rain, rain, go away.”

Enjoy Artificial Grass in Rialto, CA No Matter the Season.

Apart from rainy weather, synthetic turf remains tough in many other Mother Nature ailments: snow, wind, frost, high heat, humidity, you name it. Compared to live grass, artificial turf is fit for all seasons and won’t wilt, become prone to disease and pest infestations, turn yellow or brown, or experience other adverse effects based on what each season brings. Versatility at its finest!

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