Why Pets Love Artificial Turf in Eastvale CA

August 19, 2020

Why Pets Love Artificial Turf in Eastvale CA

If you were a pet, what would you prefer your bare paws to step on: hard concrete, hot asphalt, gritty sand or dirt, or soft and cool turf? I think the answer here is pretty obvious… the turf!

Okay, then turf it is. But what kind of turf: artificial or live? Well, when it comes to pets, the former tends to be the better option, and here’s why:

They Won’t Be Harmed by Chemicals – Because There are None

Of course, dogs and other animals don’t know what chemicals are, what they do, or the fact that they even exist. But when an animal has a reaction to, say, chemical fertilizer or a pesticide, he or she might not feel so good and, depending on the nature of the situation, may or may not have to take an urgent trip to the emergency vet.

While your pet won’t understand the risks of getting in contact with chemicals that are often found on live grass, what he or she would appreciate is to interact with fake grass that contains none of these harmful chemicals that can otherwise cause adverse reactions.

Artificial Grass Isn’t Itchy on Their Paws or Skin

Nothing’s worse than an itchy, scratchy surface. As you know, real grass tends to make one’s skin itch, partially due to pollen and partially due to its texture. So, imagine how your pet might feel as pollen found on the top layer of grass triggers itchiness on their delicate skin or as sharp, pokey blades of live grass slip between their fur and lightly cut into their skin.

The blades of artificial turf are much softer than real grass, the blades don’t eject from the ground and land within pets’ fur like live grass, and pollen and other debris are a lot easier to clean from artificial turf, making it more ideal overall.

Grass Allergies Won’t Be an Issue for Them

Yes, even dogs and other animals can experience grass allergies. They sure are pesky. If you happen to have a pet who’s extra sensitive to the lush, green blades on your lawn, you might be better off switching to artificial turf. It’s perfect for anyone who experiences grass allergies!

It’s Cleaner to Roll Around On, Especially in the Rain

With artificial grass being easier to clean, and the fact that it’s less likely to experience a buildup of puddles on its surface after it rains, makes artificial turf a better option for dogs and other animals to roll around on and lounge on for hours. Although sometimes our pets like to get dirty – or at least don’t seem to mind it at first – a cleaner surface to play on is still more ideal as it means the owner doesn’t have to clean their pet up before letting them into the house, and as for our furry friends who clean their our coats, they have less work to do to spruce themselves up.

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