Why Install Artificial Athletic Field Turf?

July 19, 2019

Why Install Artificial Athletic Field Turf?

From soccer fields to tennis courts, you have the option to install real grass or artificial turf – or even no turf at all. However, for a majority of athletic fields, turf on a broad scale seems to be the most popular pick. Grass in general is easy to run on, makes for soft falls, and not to mention, is quite attractive.

Although you might think authentic is the way to go, consider the following reasons you might find artificial athletic turf more suitable for your field or court.

Greater Gameplay

Let’s face it, real grass isn’t as sleek and smooth for proper gameplay. Especially when it’s long, scraggly, and in dire need of being mowed, authentic grass isn’t very ball friendly. Small golf balls are bound to get lost in long turf, and soccer balls may not glide as far across the field due to the fluffy texture of most authentic grasses.

With a wide selection of lengths, textures, and materials of artificial turf, however, you can select the perfect grass for your field. When you select the perfect fake grass for your field, you can ensure sports players will have an easier time immersing themselves into the game.

Better Resistance to Damage

One of the biggest drawbacks of installing real grass on an athletic field is how prone it will be to damage during gameplay. Frequent running, kicking, slipping, and sliding is bound to wear down authentic grass quickly. These movements are seldomly, if ever, performed on commercial and residential lawns, which is why these lawns usually stay fairly damage-free compared to your average athletic field.

That’s why it makes sense to choose to install artificial turf for an athletic field. Fake grass is more resistant to being frequently stepped on. After all, artificial grass is thicker and isn’t alive. Therefore, it can take a better beating than any variety of real grass ever could.

Significant Cost Savings

Think about it: athletic fields are usually larger than the average home’s backyard. With real grass installed on your field, imagine how much water, fertilizer, pesticides, and lawnmowing your field will need to maintain its beauty. A lot!

If the costs and maintenance involved are a little hectic, that’s when it’s a good idea to opt for artificial grass instead. Fake grass requires no mowing, zero pesticides and fertilizer, and very little watering. Although synthetic grass doesn’t need to be watered to maintain its green color and overall quality, a little water every now and then along with a quick sweep can keep your fake grass cool and tidy.

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