What’s Better Than Healthy Grass in Orange County? Artificial Turf That Has That Healthy Glow 24/7!

June 23, 2020

What's Better Than Healthy Grass in Orange County? Artificial Turf That Has That Healthy Glow 24/7!

What do you consider healthy grass? You might say, grass that is a medium shade of green, not too short nor too long in length, doesn’t have dandelions or other weeds mixed in, has an even cut throughout, doesn’t have bald spots or brown patches, and glistens in the sunshine. That’s a lot that such a simple aspect of your yard should offer.

Honestly, it almost seems impossible for your lawn to have each and every one of these characteristics. You might think that maybe your expectations are just too high. We’d tell you, “No, your expectations are not high; you deserve a GREAT lawn that you can feel proud of showing off.” And one of the best ways to get that great lawn is to get artificial grass installed.

Artificial Turf is For Those Who Take Pride in the Aesthetics of Their Lawn

If you’re like us, you love a beautiful, clean, sleek lawn. You may even say you want a “perfect” lawn. Of course, nothing is perfect, but nonetheless, you want a lawn that’s as attractive as humanly possible. That’s completely understandable, and this is one of the many reasons we’re in the artificial turf business from the start.

So, if you really want your yard to have popping aesthetics, we suggest giving artificial grass a chance. These days, fake turf is more stunning in appearance than it ever has been before. It looks so real, and it will leave people thinking, “Wow, I wonder who their yard maintenance person is,” or “I’m curious to know what fertilizer they use to make their lawn so lush and green.” Funny thing is, when you go artificial, you will require neither.

Go Artificial if You’re Sick of Dead Patches and Discoloration

Is your real-grass lawn super prone to patches and discolored spots? Yeah, that’s real grass for you; it’s lovely, but it’s imperfect, even with good care.

Artificial grass, however, will not, and physically cannot, deal with either of these very common grass-related issues. That’s the beauty of it – both literally and figuratively. How can you turn down grass that doesn’t get spots of baldness or brownness over the years? You just can’t argue with a 24/7 green lawn provided by artificial grass.

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