We offer a 3-year Guarantee

September 7, 2018

We offer a 3-year Guarantee

Would you like the outside space around your home to look absolutely stellar every single day for at least the next 3 years? You won’t even have to deal with much maintenance at all, either. How is this possible, you ask? Get artificial grass from Green Turf. It’s not like the old Astroturf of yesteryear. Our synthetic turf has been specially designed by scientists at TigerTurf to look as natural as possible. It features a wide range of greens and a brown thatch layer so that people won’t even be able to tell it’s not natural grass without getting up close. Your lawn is going to look absolutely impeccable when you upgrade it with Green Turf. Request your free estimate today by simply calling (951) 656-4150.

What about my pets?

One reason some people hesitate to invest in artificial grass is because they’re worried about their pets damaging it, or it simply not being safe for their pets to play and do their business on. That’s not the case with Green Turf, though! TigerTurf is completely safe and non-toxic for humans and furry friends alike. Plus, because it doesn’t require any chemical treatments or fertilizers, it’s actually healthier for everyone to spend time enjoying. Bonus! You won’t have to deal with Fido tracking dirt and mud into your house anymore when you have artificial grass.

To maintain the ideal condition of your grass when you have pets, we recommend rinsing your entire lawn with a hose or sprinkler every once in awhile to rinse away any urine that may be present. For solid waste, simply dispose of it like you would at a park or walking down the street, and then spot clean the area with a vinegar or enzyme cleaner. That’s really it! It’s so easy to keep your lawn looking great for 3+ years, even if you have pets, when you choose artificial grass from Green Turf.

Our guarantees

As we mentioned before, we provide a 3 year guarantee on our installations. In the unlikely event that something happens with your turf, we’ll come back and fix it anytime within 3 years. Plus the turf itself is guaranteed for 15 years from TigerTurf! You’re going to enjoy so many years of having a pristine, low maintenance lawn when you choose artificial grass from Green Turf.

Low maintenance

There is no need to spend inordinate amounts of your free time mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing, and otherwise maintaining your lawn. With artificial grass from Green Turf, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Go ahead – make some epic weekend plans – because you’re going to have a lot more free time to do what you want. You’ll save on your water bill every month, too – which is great, especially in here draught-prone Southern California. Artificial grass is the eco-friendly choice most people don’t even no about. Tell your friends!

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