Tired of a Brown Lawn in Menifee CA? We Have a Solution

January 22, 2020

Tired of a Brown Lawn in Menifee CA? We Have a SolutionOne of the biggest pet peeves people tend to have with live grass is the fact that it can develop brown patches from time to time. Sometimes these unsightly spots appear because the lawn hasn’t been properly cared for. Other times, it’s due to heavy foot traffic. In other cases, brown patches show up on your lawn due to root damage from hungry grubs or an outbreak of fungus often as a result of wet, humid conditions. Either way, anything brown on your front or back lawn is not a pretty sight to see!

Apart from resolving the brown grass issue at the root of the problem, there’s an easier solution: ditch your live grass for artificial turf instead. It might sound like a cop-out, but in the short- and long-run, having a synthetic lawn can be the better option.

Artificial Turf is Greener Yet Requires Significantly Less Work

How often do you tend to your lawn? Probably multiple times a week. Or if you’re really obsessed with the aesthetics of your lawn, you may even spruce it up, or at least give it a quality inspection, on the daily. What fun is that, though?

If you’re growing tired of always giving your grass the heavy attention it requires, you’ll love artificial turf as an alternative to real grass. Because synthetic turf isn’t living, there’s no need to worry about brown spots developing on your beautiful lawn. Instead, this means you can kick back and enjoy grass that’s always green. Possibly the best thing about having an always-green lawn isn’t the fact that it’s always presentable, but rather, that it doesn’t necessitate that you resolve any underlying issues with your grass from pests to an unwelcome eruption of fungus.

Less maintenance and beauty that lasts? Artificial turf is a for-sure winner!

Call Green Turf to Get a Free Synthetic Grass Quote in Menifee CA

Getting artificial turf installed is exciting. But no matter how much you may want a synthetic lawn, the finances behind it are important for you to make sense of. What are the payment options? Will you be able to afford the installation costs?

We have all the answers you need regarding paying for your new artificial turf! If you reside in Southern California, hit up our line today at (951) 656-4150 for a free installation quote and more information about paying for your new lawn. You could be one step closer to a lusher yard!

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