The Best Turf for Lacrosse

October 15, 2018

The Best Turf for Lacrosse

Give your lacrosse players what they truly deserve… excellent turf to practice and compete on! Green Turf is your best source of high quality TigerTurf artificial grass, which has proven benefits for all kinds of athletes, including lacrosse players.

So much better than natural grass

You may not know this, but artificial grass is a thousand times better than natural grass. It’s the ideal playing surface for lacrosse and many other sports. Natural grass always has variable play conditions depending on the weather and the condition of the grass and soil, whereas artificial grass provides a consistent experience every single time your athletes set foot on it.

TigerTurf has scientifically engineered amazing artificial grass systems specifically designed to meet the needs of modern athletes. This artificial grass has been engineered to provide consistent balance, traction, speed, impact response, and safety so balls react in a predictable manner. Your athletes will appreciate the soft cushion provided by artificial grass and you’ll love how it stands up to even the toughest, most intense games and practices. TigerTurf athletic field grass has resilient fibers, triple reinforced binding, and one of the strongest backings in the entire artificial grass industry.

Impress home and visiting athletes alike

Do you sometimes feel embarrassed about the condition of your lacrosse athletic fields when prospective new students and visitors see them? That’s perfectly normal – unless you invest a fortune to meticulously maintain your natural grass, it will have bare patches, muddy areas, and other problems. But when you invest in artificial grass from Green Turf, your lacrosse fields will look great every single day. Imagine how great it will be to let your athletes practice and compete on gorgeous fields. Our artificial grass is fade- and odor-resistant so it’ll not only look vibrant, it’ll smell great for years to come.

Low maintenance

Artificial grass is better than natural grass is so many ways – it’s durable, attractive, plus it requires so much less maintenance. TigerTurf requires very little watering, zero mowing or fertilizing, and no insecticides. It’s actually a safer alternative to natural grass because it requires no harsh chemical treatments. You’ll save thousands upon thousands of gallons of water every year when you choose artificial grass from Green Turf. Every once in awhile, we recommend turning the hose or sprinkler on your artificial grass to gently rinse away any debris that may have accumulated. Other than that, no watering is necessary!

Request your free estimate now

Whether you have a couple lacrosse fields or dozens, we have the equipment, expertise, and experience to handle any size job you send our way. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about artificial grass, TigerTurf in particular, or our professional installation methods. We’ll gladly provide you with a free estimate as well – just give us a call at (951) 656-4150. We look forward to transforming your lacrosse fields soon!

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