Make Any Child’s Play Area Kid-Friendly with Artificial Turf Installation in Orange County

September 18, 2019

Make Any Child's Play Area Kid-Friendly with Artificial Turf Installation in Orange County

When it comes to children’s play areas, one of the primary concerns is safety. Designing these areas, one must think rationally about the possible dangers that the space may provoke. Since children will be running, jumping, and quickly maneuvering throughout a play area, it’s imperative that playgrounds and other play areas are curated with care.

It’s not just play equipment that must be carefully chosen but landscaping options as well. Wood chips, concrete, sand, and dirt are all options to be considered as one landscapes a child’s play area. However, one of the frequently overlooked, but nonetheless great, options is artificial turf.

Why Kids Love Synthetic Grass

Artificial turf is kid approved for many reasons:

  • Stays cool to the touch
  • Comfortable surface; less of a potential to get injured if they slip or fall on it
  • Stays attractive and lush no matter the season
  • Won’t cut them, leave them with splinters, or get in their eyes like other playground landscaping options like sand, wood chips, or dirt

But What About Real Grass?

Installing live grass in or near a play area might be another consideration you have in mind. However, compared to artificial grass, a live option may not be as suitable or as convenient.

The maintenance involved in keeping real grass alive is a big reason why many refuse to install live turf in or by a children’s play area. Mowing around children’s play equipment, as one might expect, is challenging. As for watering your live turf, you must be careful not to water too close to a time children will be out playing. Otherwise, children may come back from playing wet and muddy, especially if they slip on the slick surface of the grass. And, to top it off, many play equipment materials (e.g., metals, wood) don’t do well with consistently getting watered. So, imagine the damage to your precious play equipment with regular sprinkler or hose waterings.

In addition, with children constantly walking and running on live grass, it’s bound to start wearing away over time and developing dead patches. Talk about a waste of time and money having grass installed if it’s just going to wear away and look unattractive in a short period of time.

Fortunately, artificial turf doesn’t require water, never needs to be mowed, and won’t develop brown or dead patches after being frequently walked on. In general, synthetic grass holds up better over the years and doesn’t cause itchiness or allergies like authentic grass. That said, artificial turf is a great alternative to live grass for children’s playgrounds.

Ask Us About Our Artificial Turf

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