Is Your Real Grass Lawn in Murrieta CA Looking Unhealthy? We Have a Great Solution!

July 21, 2020

Is Your Real Grass Lawn in Murrieta CA Looking Unhealthy? We Have a Great Solution!

It’s true that all living lawns will begin to deteriorate over the years. Sometimes your grass will look stunning one month, and then the next, it might not look so hot. Then a few months later, you might notice it beginning to look fantastic again. That’s the reality with live grass.

But at some point, you might be concerned with the quality of your lawn. You might notice patches missing, discolored areas of your grass, or simply grass that doesn’t look very lush and bright green as it once had. One word: yikes.

Can My Grass Recover?

In many cases, real grass has the opportunity to recover. Often times, bald spots can be tended to with grass seed and plenty of watering. And in the case of a yellowed lawn, sometimes a nice fertilizing will do wonders.

However, for a lawn that is completely brown, extremely patchy, taken over mostly by weeds, or overrun by diseases or pests, you might consider your lawn a lost cause. As much as we want to be positive, the truth is that sometimes it’s simply time to say “adios” and replace your grass.

Say Goodbye to Yellowness and Patches

Are you tired of dealing with a lawn that’s vulnerable to imperfections such as yellow spots, balding, pests, and diseases? We know how frustrating that can be, which is why we’re all for artificial turf.

We won’t be crass and say that real grass sucks – because it doesn’t; it has its benefits! But we will tell you that many of the problems real grass exhibits can be avoided when you switch over to the synthetic stuff. Artificial turf remains the same color over the years, regardless of maintenance and weather, and will not be a target for diseases or destructive insects. (Whew!)

An Artificial Lawn is a Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful and healthy lawn can certainly be acquired with the help of artificial turf. Some people get put off by the idea of getting fake grass, but in truth, it can amp up any yard and give instant curb appeal to any home or business. It’s almost like magic.

At Green Turf, we never underestimate the power of a clean, lush, beautiful installation of artificial turf. Mark our words when we say getting artificial grass is truly one of the best purchasing decisions you can make.

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