Is it okay to get artificial grass if you have cats?

January 17, 2019

Is it okay to get artificial grass if you have cats?

If you have some special fur-balls of the feline variety in your life, then you may hesitate to upgrade to artificial grass. There are so many advantages to having artificial grass in your entire outdoor space, though, and you definitely shouldn’t dismiss it just because of your treasured pets. In fact, if you choose Green Turf for all your artificial grass needs, you’ll be happy to find out that it’s no problem at all. In fact, many of our happy customers have cats and enjoy their artificial grass for many years without issue. Read on, cat lovers!

Artificial grass and cats

If you have outdoor cats, you may wonder whether it will harm your artificial grass when they do their business outside. But there’s no need to stress about that. If your cat does solid waste outside, simply scoop it up and spot clean the area with a vinegar or enzyme-based cleaner. Liquid waste involves even easier clean-up – just rinse the area (or your whole lawn) with a sprinkler or hose and the urine will filter out through the gravel base layer. That’s it! Having cats and artificial grass doesn’t have to be a burden – it doesn’t require much extra maintenance at all.

Playful cats

Our durable, strong grass will stand up well to even though roughest cat playtimes. It features strong, triple-reinforced backings and technology that enables each blade to stand up tall, year after year, even with daily use.

Crossing lawn maintenance off your list

Whether you have cats or not, you most likely spend way too much of your free time maintaining your natural grass. Especially here in dry, dusty Southern California, natural grass isn’t very natural at all, in truth. And if you want your lawn to look passably nice, with few bare patches and at least a reasonable shade of green, you’re going to have to spend time every day on lawn maintenance. Alternatively, when you upgrade to artificial grass from Green Turf, you’ll be thrilled with how low maintenance it is in comparison. It requires zero mowing, little watering, and no fertilizing or weeding. Amazing! You’ll have so much free time again… the only question will be… what will you fill it with? Something good, we hope!

Free estimates

Are you ready to get started? Whether you have just one cat or ten, having artificial grass will be no problem. They’re going to love how soft and lush it is, and you’re going to like how clean their paws always are after playing outside. We invite you to find out more about artificial grass and get a free estimate now. Call (951) 656-4150 to schedule your artificial grass consultation and get a free estimate. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss various financing options and rebates that you may qualify for. Your cats will think your new artificial grass is just “meow-velous!”

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