Improve Your Game with Synthetic Mini Golf Grass

July 12, 2019

Improve Your Game with Synthetic Mini Golf Grass

One of the most prominent aesthetic and practical features of a mini golf course is the turf it’s equipped with. The longer the grass, the harder it is to play a proper game of mini golf. However, with no grass at all, the less attractive and slippery the course may be.

To provide the right balance between appearance and function, we recommend installing synthetic grass on your mini golf course.

The Perks of Artificial Mini Golf Grass

  • Beautiful appearance all year ‘round

A putt-putt or mini golf course is designed to not only allow people to golf but provide family-friendly aesthetics. These courses often have fun obstacles and features that are attractive to the eye. If your turf is lacking in appearance, however, your entire course will look like a flop. Thanks to artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about your mini golf grass dying off in the winter or looking a little choppy.

  • Perfect friction between ball and turf

You’ll want your customers to get the best mini golf-playing experience. Real grass, however, may not deliver that perfect experience unless, that is, you provide optimal maintenance. Even then, with the stiffness, strength, and even cut of artificial turf, you can provide a surface that’s easier for a golf ball to consistently glide over.

  • Minimal wear and tear overtime

When the turf of a mini golf course acts as both an aesthetic and functional part of the course, it’s a bummer when the grass experiences wear and tear. However, wear and tear of grass is inevitable, especially when people will be walking on it. With fake grass, wear and tear is less likely. Blades are stronger, sturdier, and more repellent to the forces of Mother Nature, which is ideal for a putt-putt course.

  • Zero maintenance

It’s a lot of work to maintain a mini golf course as is. Why spend the extra money and time ensuring your grass is trimmed, well-nourished, and watered? Forget all of that with fake grass! Artificial turf doesn’t require the same upkeep as real grass. Without maintenance, you can rest assured the fake turf of your mini golf course won’t die on you or experience pests and diseases.

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To top it off, all of our artificial turfs have a three-year guarantee to ensure you fully love the beauty and quality of your artificial grass!

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