How is artificial grass installed?

June 23, 2018

How is artificial grass installed?

Green Turf is Southern California’s premiere company for high quality artificial grass for all kinds of commercial and residential properties. Our team of expert installers meticulously make sure every inch of the grass looks impeccable for every single project we do. That’s how we’ve established and maintained such a stellar reputation over the years. We’ve been serving Southern California for years, and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. You can count on our careful crews to treat your property with utmost respect and ensure it’s installed perfectly, down to the last detail. The owner of Green Turf, Omar, supervises each installation to ensure it’s installed according to our very high quality standards.

Call us at (951) 656-4150 to learn more about our services, find out for yourself what all the fuss is about, and get a free, custom estimate for your residential or commercial property today. You’re going to love how it looks and how easy it is to maintain its signature luster. Artificial grass is the perfect upgrade for your property – look into it for your outdoor space today!

The installation process

One of the most questions we hear most often from potential customers is, “how is artificial grass installed?” As always, we’re happy to answer your questions about artificial grass anytime.


First, we prepare the site for the installation. Depending on the specific area where artificial grass will be installed, various steps will be taken. Removing old turf or concrete, relocating electric wiring and irrigation lines, capping sprinklers, installing new drainage lines, and adding bender board around the edges of the area are typical steps that are taken in many projects. After that, we’ll grade the site and apply an essential layer of compacted base fill. This base fill serves to create a stable, even surface for the artificial grass to go over, plus it helps ensure proper drainage.


Secondly, we custom fit the turf to the outdoor space. We’ll roll out the artificial turf, cutting it to size, using a straight edge whenever possible. We’ll cautiously leave extra material around the edges. Whenever seams become necessary, we’ll cut them in an S shape, not a straight line. We do this to prevent the turf from bunching up along the seams, which creates the illusion of discoloration. In high traffic areas, we may se tape or nails to secure the seams perfectly. All of the edges will be secured with nails. Our professional turf installers know how to drive the nails in correctly so all nail heads will be properly hidden, and you won’t notice any dimpling due to overly tight nails.


The third step will be to tuck in the turf edges with a special tool called a wonder bar. This hides the exposed edge of the backing and ensures your artificial turf looks natural and beautiful along every edge.


Almost done! The fourth step is applying the infill, which consists of Durafill, sand, or crumb rubber. This creates ballast and adds cushioning to the surface. As the infill is applied, we’ll use a power brush to separate the blades and ensure the infill granules penetrate deep between the blades to effectively hold them upright.


Lastly, we’ll make one more pass along your artificial turf to make sure each blade is standing tall in the same direction, and remove any extra debris that may have accumulated during the installation process.

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