How Eco-Friendly is Artificial Grass?

November 13, 2019

How Eco-Friendly is Artificial Grass?

These days, many homeowners and possessors of commercial property are leaning more towards eco-friendly lawn alternatives. While many love the appearance of genuine grass, the idea of having something that requires near-daily care and, not to mention, a lot of resources to upkeep its beauty doesn’t make real grass a reliable option for a lot of folks. That’s when people start to consider artificial turf as an alternative.

One big concern that comes to mind when it comes to installing artificial grass over live grass, however, is whether artificial turf is the eco-friendlier option. Many would assume that real grass would be better for the environment given that it’s living, but reading the next section, you’ll discover some surprising information.

Artificial Grass Versus Real Grass

There’s no doubt that living grass has benefits for the environment, including trapping environmentally damaging carbon, purifying the air, and helping to support oxygen-thriving organisms, but there are also drawbacks.

The cons of having a live lawn include the need for heavy watering, the use of chemical sprays, and the need for electric-powered, pollution-causing lawn equipment such as lawn mowers to keep grass lush and well-groomed – all of which are harmful for our environment.

Meanwhile, artificial grass doesn’t require water, which particularly makes this lawn alternative ideal for hotter, drier climates. Likewise, artificial grass doesn’t require the need for pollution-causing equipment as it doesn’t grow nor the application of chemicals since it doesn’t have problems with pests or diseases. As an added bonus, many artificial turfs are made with recycled materials, making them even greater for the ecosystem.

That said, synthetic turf is a great, eco-friendly alternative to your live lawn.

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Does the environmentally friendless of artificial grass entice you? Are you wanting a lawn that requires as little maintenance and attention as possible? If so, then giving artificial grass a chance is a great idea!

However, we know how big of a change it is going from real grass to synthetic grass, especially in a time where most people still have a live lawn. If you’re still on the fence about getting artificial turf, not to worry! At Green Turf, we’ll be more than happy to give you a free quote if the cost of application is most concerning for you. Or if you’re unsure if going artificial is the best option for you in general, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you might have!

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