Grass You’ll Love to Run and Play on

September 29, 2018

Grass You’ll Love to Run and Play on

When was the last time you spent a good chunk of time outside? When have you started a pickup game of soccer or kickball in your yard? If the answer is, not for years – or perhaps even never – then now is the time to upgrade your outdoor space with artificial grass from Green Turf. You’re going to love running and playing on your artificial turf from Green Turf. It’s soft, plush, and vibrant. It has a realistic, life-like look without any of the hassles that natural grass brings. Skip the hassles of high-maintenance, dirty natural grass and upgrade to artificial grass. It’s an investment that you’ll be so glad you made!

Go outside with your pets

Have so much fun with your pets outside when you don’t have to worry about their paws getting dirty or muddy anymore. With artificial grass from Green Turf, you won’t have any gaps where dirt or mud can find their way in, so anytime your pets play outside, they won’t come in with dirty paws anymore. Our artificial turf from TigerTurf is super strong, so even the roughest playing every day won’t diminish its luster or result in gaps. Go outside – enjoy the great outdoors in your own yard again – when you upgrade to artificial grass from Green Turf. TigerTurf from Green Turf is totally non-toxic, safe, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and clean 365 days per year without lots of effort from you. If your pets do their business outside, simply turn the hose or sprinkler on any urine deposits, and scoop up solid waste and spot clean the area with an enzyme or vinegar cleaner. We recommend pairing our scientifically formulated artificial grass with anti-microbial Durafill infill to get the maximum protection against odors and bacteria that could otherwise linger in your yard.

Low maintenance

Aside from the benefits already mentioned, artificial grass is also the best options for your outside space because it requires very little maintenance. In contrast to natural grass which requires near-constant upkeep, artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed, heavily watered, fertilized, or weeded. Just imagine what you could do with so much free time now that you won’t have to spend it on lawn maintenance. It’s just the best alternative ever to natural grass!

Great for sports court surfaces

Got a backyard tennis or basketball court? Consider upgrading the surface to artificial turf from Green Turf. We have excellent sport court options that’ll make your space look and function at its best. Your court will always be in perfect condition to play when you get TigerTurf from Green Turf. We have options that can be tailored to meet the needs of any sport that you plan to play there, so you can get maximum benefits from your artificial turf.

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