Give your Soccer Athletes the Best Possible Experience

October 29, 2018

Give your Soccer Athletes the Best Possible Experience

Whether you have a private club soccer team, a school where students play soccer in gym class, a recreational town field, athletic facility, or otherwise operate an area where people play soccer on a regular basis, you’re most likely interested in giving your soccer players the best possible experience they could have. You invest in hiring knowledgeable coaches, make sure their uniforms are always in solid condition, and always encourage players to do their best at every practice and game.

Regular grass stinks

But do you know what may be inhibiting your players from reaching their maximum potential? The surface that they practice and compete on. If it’s natural grass, it’s definitely not the ideal surface for playing soccer because it’s always uneven, even with diligent maintenance, and there are always brown patches, even if you spend a fortune on sprinkler systems and your water bill is through the roof. Natural grass simply can’t stand up to the Southern California dry heat and the tough play that occurs doing the majority of soccer play. Even if your players are in kindergarten, they certainly tear up the field with those soccer cleats and their tenacious energy.

They deserve the best

Instead, give your soccer players the best possible surface to play on everyday when you upgrade your soccer field to artificial grass. It’s so unlike natural grass because it provides maximum traction so each player can get the most out of every step they take, and it’s so strong and durable that you’ll never have to worry about aggressive play tearing up your field again. Our artificial grass has been carefully calibrated to deliver consistent balance, traction, speed, impact response, and safety so balls react predictably and players can perform their best at all times. Our grass has resilient fibers, triple reinforced binding, and a super strong backing that stands up well to even the toughest soccer games.

Artificial grass customized for soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the entire world, and it’s quickly gaining popularity in the United States, especially here in Southern California. Set your soccer athletes up for success by upgrading their field to artificial grass from Green Turf. We exclusively sell and professionally install TigerTurf because it’s the best brand for a whole host of residential and commercial applications, including soccer fields. FIFA, the worldwide soccer organization, has approved TigerTurf artificial grass for all levels of competition up through the World Cup finals. It’s the perfect alternative to natural grass for all soccer fields.

Low maintenance

Synthetic grass from Green Turf is great for soccer fields and those who manage them. You’ll be thrilled with how much less maintenance it requires and how easy it is to keep it looking great, day after day, year after year. TigerTurf artificial grass requires zero mowing, no fertilization, and very little watering. Simply put a hose or sprinkler on it every once in awhile to rinse away any debris that may have accumulated and you’ll be good to go! Also brush any high traffic areas to keep those blades standing tall.

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