Give Your Pets the Gift of a Synthetic Lawn in Lake Elsinore CA This Holiday Season

December 9, 2019

Give Your Pets the Gift of a Synthetic Lawn in Lake Elsinore CA This Holiday Season

Every year when the holidays roll around, you might get your pet a little gift. You may just get them something small, but nonetheless something you know they’ll like, like a bone or a tiny toy. But if you’re tired of gifting your furry friend with the same thing year after year and happen to be extra generous this holiday season, giving them (and yourself) the gift of artificial grass this year is a swell idea! But you might be wondering, “Isn’t that a little, er, expensive, especially around the holiday season?”

You have concerns, and we have answers for you!

How to Finance Artificial Grass Installation in Elsinore CA

We get it – artificial turf installation isn’t always affordable for everyone, but neither is the heavy maintenance of watering, mowing, and fertilizing your live lawn. Everything comes at a price, but in the long run, getting artificial turf can save you thousands of dollars and several hours of your time.

But paying for the initial installation for your artificial turf can be intimidating. That’s why there are various rebates and incentives available that you can take advantage of. In addition, there are ways you can finance your artificial turf installation with no money down and no need to provide your credit score. This way, paying for your synthetic lawn will be easier than ever before!

Is it Really More Affordable to Care for a Synthetic Lawn?

Now that you know that you have financing options to get artificial turf installed, you’re now probably focused on the long-term. How much will maintenance cost over the years – will it be more expensive to care for than a live lawn?

The answer is no. Synthetic grass, since it isn’t alive, doesn’t require the costs of frequent watering, yard maintenance workers, fertilizers and pesticides, and lawn equipment. Since maintenance really only involves removing debris from the surface of your artificial lawn, there is very little money involved in caring for your lawn over the years.

And the best part? Fake grass can last two decades before needing to be replaced! Although live grass can last a decade or two longer, in the long run, the expenses of caring for live grass, and not to mention all the time and work put into its maintenance, for some people isn’t worth the longer lifespan.

Why Pets Love Our Turf

What makes pets love artificial turf? Well, it maintains its lushness over the years, providing your furry friends a safe and comfy place to roam and play. But are there other reasons why fake grass is a great pick for your pets? Absolutely!

Apart from the latter, artificial turf is typically non-toxic and, thus, is safe for your beloved animal pals. This is especially true since there will be no need to apply fertilizers and chemicals on your lawn. Likewise, fake turf is incredibly easy to clean and deodorize compared to real grass. Best of all, artificial turf can take on rambunctious, roughhousing-loving pets without becoming damaged in the process.

Artificial grass is convenient for your pets, for you personally, as well as for the beauty of your lawn!

Make the Move to Artificial Turf Today!

You like the idea that artificial grass installation has financing options. You also enjoy that it’s cheaper to maintain over the years and generally doesn’t require that much work to upkeep. Most of all, you love that synthetic lawns are pet friendly. So, what are you waiting for?

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