Give Your Pet a Lush Lawn to Play on with Synthetic Grass in San Diego

August 14, 2019

Give Your Pet a Lush Lawn to Play on with Synthetic Grass in San Diego

Animals are like family. Whether we own one as a pet or admire them from afar, we want nothing more than what’s best for them. To provide them the proper place to sleep, food and water, and entertainment means everything to us.

It’s no surprise that homeowners, dog park owners, animal shelter owners, and the like want the right environment for dogs and other pets to play, roam, and use the restroom. While live grass tends to be the number one landscaping option that gets chosen in favor of pets, artificial turf can often be a better option in replacement.

Why Artificial Turf is Perfect for Pets

Let’s face it, both real and authentic grass are great for pets. They provide a cool, soft surface for our furry friends to enjoy. However, artificial turf is even greater than its authentic counterpart. When our pets relieve themselves and run around on live grass, this can affect our lawn by turning our grass yellow or leaving bare patches. If your pet is a digger, you’re also bound to have holes in your once-beautiful lawn.

Fortunately, you can avoid the latter fiascos by opting for artificial turf instead! Offering Pet Turf from the company TigerTurf, you can be sure to receive non-toxic, sturdy, fade-resistant artificial turf. Additionally, Pet Turf is stain- and fade-resistant. And, especially on rainy days, you won’t have to worry about your pet running in the house with muddy paws after trotting on your lawn.

Can Humans Benefit from Artificial Turf Too?

Apart from being great for our pets, artificial turf can absolutely be ideal for us as well. Synthetic grass is beautiful, realistic, maintenance-free, and long-lasting. Fake grass is also more affordable than live grass, can handle more wear and tear, and stays perfect through each season.

Once you go artificial, you never go back!

Synthetic Grass in San Diego You Can Trust

The wide range of variations in today’s synthetic grasses gives you plenty of options to select from. While these choices are beneficial to you as the consumer, it’s still critical that you’re on the look out for low quality artificial turf.

Your search for the perfect turf ends here. Here are Green Turf, we only offer a beautiful selection of artificial grasses with great quality and longevity that just can’t be beat. We want our clients to be happy with our artificial turf, not just moments after it’s installed, but for many years.

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