Give Your Children a Safe Place to Play While in Quarantine with Synthetic Turf Installation in Menifee CA

May 22, 2020

Give Your Children a Safe Place to Play While in Quarantine with Synthetic Turf Installation in Menifee CA

Since the Coronavirus erupted, there have been many concerns. Worries about one another’s health, uncertainties about how one will get their next paycheck if they were laid off or had their hours cut, concerns about students being able to continue to do well in school while campuses have shut down are a few worries that millions have.

Another worry that crosses our minds is the ability for children to continue to play in an enriched environment where they can develop new social, emotional, and motor skills while they’re under quarantine and away from their friends. This is a very valid concern. In fact, the benefits of play even extend beyond the latter. Children need to be able to express themselves, learn to share, fuel their imagination, and get exercise. These are all things they can learn and practice during playtime.

How, then, can we adequately support children’s wants and needs to play if they’re unable to go to school or play on a public playground, let alone, see their pals? One way is to ensure children have a positive play environment at home. That can be partially done by having artificial grass installed to give kids a safe, fun, and convenient surface to play on.

What Makes Artificial Turf Suitable for Children?

When parents think about surfaces that are most appropriate for children to play on, they think of materials that are soft and offer as little danger as possible if a child were to slip and fall. Grass is perhaps one of the first outdoor materials to come to mind.

However, there are a few issues with live grass. For one, it can be very itchy. Secondly, it can be slippery when wet. In addition, living turf can pose problems if a child has a grass allergy. So, what’s the best option if live grass can’t be it? Artificial turf!

Unlike real grass, artificial turf isn’t itchy, doesn’t form puddles and mud on the surface to create a dangerous slip and fall, and doesn’t trigger grass allergies. And with it staying relatively cool to the touch and remaining the same height, it’s as safe to play on as it is convenient.

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We know that it can be intimidating thinking about opting for an exterior surface material that you might have never had experience using before. Rest assured that artificial turf is a great alternative to real grass, if not, better. With easy maintenance, great aesthetics, phenomenal function, and a fantastic lifespan, who wouldn’t want artificial grass? Yes, really!

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