Get a Green Lawn 365 Days a Year in Orange County with Fake Grass

July 5, 2019

Get a Green Lawn 365 Days a Year in Orange County with Fake Grass

In beautiful Orange County, everyone, from residents to business owners, wants to have a perfect lawn that will leave everyone else oohing and awing in delight. The downside, however, is that the heat and drought of California often prevent Orange County residents from having the best grass all throughout the year.

If you’re still struggling to achieve the lawn of your dreams 365 days a year, there’s an easy solution: have artificial turf installed! Fake grass is a great alternative to real grass, an alternative that you won’t regret switching to.

Go Green or Go Home

When it comes to the health and beauty of our lawn, sometimes we want all or nothing. If we can’t have a perfectly lush, green lawn 24/7, some of us would rather not have it at all. If you find yourself thinking in this manner, you’d be a great candidate for artificial turf.

Unlike authentic grass, you’re guaranteed to have a green lawn regardless of the season. No matter what Mother Nature delivers, from frost to high temperatures, you can be sure that your grass will be and stay as green as it gets: no fading color, no yellow spots, and no brown patches. With real grass, this would seem absolutely absurd and completely impossible. Your neighbors will be asking what your “secret” is!

Apart from green grass all year ‘round, you can also benefit from a fluffy yet sturdy lawn that looks and feels authentic, all without the need to engage in traditional lawn maintenance to keep it that way. By opting for artificial turf, this means less stress to achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Beautiful Artificial Turf You Can Trust

When deciding whether or not artificial turf is right for you, one big worry you may have is whether or not your future grass will hold up as well as the real deal. Rest assured that fake grass can last up to approximately 20 years with no maintenance.

Meanwhile, your neighbors’ real grass may go dormant on and off throughout the years and experience dead patches. Thanks to artificial turf, however, there’s no need to reseed your lawn or wait for your grass to revive after a blazing summer or long winter! These days, artificial turf is top of the line; there’s no better time to go artificial than now.

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