Free Artificial Turf Installation Estimates in Orange County

August 21, 2019

Free Artificial Turf Installation Estimates in Orange County

There are many benefits you can receive by installing artificial turf. When compared to purchasing live grass, one benefit you can derive from buying artificial turf is that it’s more affordable. Still, however, buying any type of grass is a big purchase and, not to mention, is a pretty major commitment.

That being said, many folks are looking for ways to ensure they can stay within budget while still obtaining the exact synthetic grass they want. That’s why at Green Turf, we offer free artificial turf installation estimates. That way, you aren’t blindsided by any surprising costs or fees after your turf installation.

Types of Artificial Turf We Offer

We believe in the power of providing choices for our clients. No two live lawns look alike, so why should artificial lawns look identical as well? Everyone has their own tastes after all. In addition, not every location will look or function well with the same type of turf.

Currently, we offer a wide selection of different synthetic grasses, including several options from American company, TigerTurf. Our grasses vary in height, blade density and shape, color, texture, and backing types.

With the many varieties we offer, you can be sure to find the most attractive turf for your lawn. For over a decade, we have been providing and installing artificial grass for residential yards, commercial landscapes, athletic fields, and much more.

Due to our expertise and the many varieties of artificial turf we offer, we’re thrilled to install our grasses virtually anywhere and everywhere. Whether you want to have artificial turf installed along the perimeter of your home or at a campground, we can provide quality turf you can trust to stay sturdy and beautiful for decades.

Contact Us Today for a Quote!

Nothing’s worse than opting for a product or service without an initial quote, only to realize that it costs much more than anticipated. Then you’re stuck in a financial rough patch.

We don’t like leaving our clients guessing. By providing them with a free quote for artificial turf installation, they’re better able to stay within the price range that they consider to be the most reasonable for them.

If you’re interested in having artificial grass installed in Orange County, CA, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff at Green Turf are highly knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced within the field of artificial grass.

Whether you need to replace your real grass with synthetic grass or want to add artificial turf in an empty area of your yard, we’re just a phone call away. Call us up today at (951) 656-4150 for an estimate!

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