Follow These Simple Tips to Build the Perfect Artificial Grass Dog Run in Your Yard

May 15, 2021

Follow These Simple Tips to Build the Perfect Artificial Grass Dog Run in Your Yard There are many reasons to create an exciting artificial grass dog run in your yard. Whether you want to get your pooch some exercise, prepare them for taking part in dog shows, or you want to learn how to run obstacles with your dog, we have you covered. Your first step is to contact Green Turf at (951) 656-4150 and let us install pet-friendly artificial turf. Then follow the below steps to create the perfect grass dog run.

Make Sure it is Exciting

First and foremost, make sure that the features you add are exciting and challenging for your dog. This could include things like games, dog ramps, obstacle courses, and toys that do more than physically stimulate your pet – they should mentally stimulate them as well. Of course, there needs to be space for your pooch to simply roll around and relax after they are done with their run.

Some of the most exciting pet-approved items that your dog might love include:

  • Bar hurdles
  • Their own hideout or doghouse
  • Weave poles
  • Water features
  • Tire jumps

The age and activity level of your pup should have a big impact on how you design the area.

Keep the Space Safe for Your Dog

You are taking a step toward safety for your dog by installing artificial grass rather than natural grass. However, there are other steps you can take to stay safe. This includes making sure that your dog cannot escape by installing a wood fence, metal fence, or chain link fence. Make sure that your dog clearly understands the boundaries they are required to stay within.

Do Not Forget to Make it as Beautiful as it is Functional

Remember that even as you work to build a dog run for your dog, it is still part of your yard. You still want to ensure that it is beautiful along with being functional. You can add flowers around the perimeter or invest in a higher-grade grass. You might add additional landscaping to go with it. The point is that whenever you are making choices about the dog run, remember to think of what will look beautiful in addition to what will work well.

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