Find Out if Your Artificial Grass Could Be Damaged by a Frosty Night

October 12, 2022

Find Out if Your Artificial Grass Could Be Damaged by a Frosty Night

Yes, the summers in California may be quite hot. The majority of us gripe about them! But even in the early and late parts of the year, Southern California can experience chilly, frosty weather. Anyone who has resided in this area or visited during these months is aware of this fact.

Our wonderful, green grass and garden plants beginning to turn yellow or even begin to wither away, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, is not surprising given that we have frost. While our staff at Green Turf in Southern California is unable to assist in protecting your plants at this time of year, we are able to give you fake grass so that you can still enjoy green grass even when it is heavily rained on and frosty!

How frost impacts synthetic grass

Depending on the type and severity of the frost, many different creatures, including insects, plants, and even living grass, can be killed by it. Light frost alone has the capacity to harm your actual lawn by destroying the grass blades at the cellular level, which may modify the way your lawn looks. And to make matters worse, if you walk or drive on your grass when it is coated in ice, the grass blades may break, which will further detract from the appeal and health of your lawn.

One type of grass that is particularly picky about the winter weather is Bermuda grass, which may become brown and spotty if warmer weather is delayed.

However, you won’t need to be concerned about fake grass withering, discoloring, growing spots, or freezing over in the winter. It’s advisable to avoid walking on an icy artificial grass, though. When fake grass has frozen over, some varieties may be susceptible when stepped on. Not to mention that slipping on damp, slick grass is the last thing you want to do (real or not).

So, friends, if you’re wondering whether genuine grass or fake grass is more impacted by frost, the answer is real grass! You may also exhale with rest knowing that your artificial grass won’t be harmed by frost unless you walk on it or drive over it while it has a thick covering of it. If you haven’t already figured it out, artificial grass wins this contest.

Installation sites for artificial turf

More people than ever are using fake grass across the country. For the time being, our main focus is on providing plush, premium artificial grass to several communities in Southern California, such as Montclair, Corona, Highland, Riverside, San Bernardino, Upland, Murrieta, Ontario, Loma Linda, Colton, Fontana, and many more.

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Do you have any reservations about using artificial turf? You share the same boat as thousands of other potential consumers! You may still ask your neighborhood artificial turf provider or installer inquiries even if you’re unsure. Additionally, it doesn’t exclude you from choosing a free consultation to determine the price if you decide to have artificial grass placed.

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