Do I Need to Use Chemical Sprays on my Artificial Grass in Moreno Valley CA?

March 10, 2020

Do I Need to Use Chemical Sprays on my Artificial Grass in Moreno Valley CA?

When you get artificial grass installed, or are thinking about getting it installed, you’re going to be interested in learning about how to care for it – as you should be. Not only does the proper care keep your synthetic turf in pristine condition for as long as possible, but it helps maintain its beauty for years to come.

One question our Green Turf teams gets asked on occasion is whether or not artificial grass requires chemical sprays and other similar products. You’ve asked the right team of experts!

There’s No Need for Chemicals if Your Grass is Synthetic.

No worries – you won’t have to use chemicals at all on your artificial turf. In fact, there’s no reason to. Your grass isn’t living! The main reason chemicals are even used on real grass is to kill pests and eradicate diseases. Your synthetic turf won’t be dealing with either.

This means you get to save a trip to your local lawn and garden store, won’t have to keep purchasing chemical products that are harmful for you and your pets, and you can rest assured that your grass will look lovely despite not being exposed to chemicals. For this reason among others, our clients find that going artificial is a great trade-off!

Caring for Artificial Grass is Significantly Simpler than Live Grass!

Besides not needing the use of chemical sprays to stay beautiful, there are plenty of other reasons why artificial grass is much easier to care for than real grass.

These reasons include the following:

  • You won’t ever need to mow it. It doesn’t grow!
  • Forget about worrying about reseeding your lawn. No patches? No problems to resolve.
  • Don’t worry about needing to apply fertilizer to your lawn to ensure it’s thick, lush, and deep green. Those characteristics of your synthetic lawn don’t change, even with frost, freezing temperatures, and hot weather.

To sum, there is a world of difference between artificial turf and live grass in terms of their day-to-day maintenance. Don’t mind the hard work and an imperfect lawn? You’ll be just fine with a real lawn. But, if you’re looking for easy-to-care-for turf that looks excellent during all four seasons, artificial grass is where it’s at.

Are you interested in getting artificial turf installed or replaced? Or, maybe you have a question regarding artificial turf and how it’s care for? Give our Moreno Valley, CA-based team a call at (951) 656-4150 today!

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