Discover Why Artificial Turf is the Best Option for Soccer Fields in California and Beyond

March 14, 2023

You probably want to provide your soccer players with the best experience possible, whether you run a private club soccer team, a school where students play soccer in gym class, a recreational town field, an athletic facility, or another setting where people regularly play soccer. You make an investment in selecting qualified coaches, ensure that their uniforms are always in good condition, and constantly motivate players to give their all during every practice and game.

Natural Grass is Not Up for the Challenge

Do you, however, know what might be preventing your players from achieving their full potential? The floor on which they train and compete. Natural grass is never level, even with meticulous maintenance, and there are always brown patches, even if you spend a fortune on sprinkler systems and your water bill is through the roof.

As a result, it is definitely not the best surface for soccer. Natural grass simply cannot withstand the intense play that occurs during the majority of soccer matches in Southern California’s dry heat. Your players, even if they are in kindergarten, certainly rip up the field with their tenacious energy and those soccer cleats.

Your Players Deserve the Best

Instead, convert your soccer field to artificial grass to provide your players with the best surface possible to play on every day. Because it offers the most traction possible so that every player can benefit from every step they take and because it is so strong and durable, you won’t ever have to worry about rough play destroying your field.

This is why artificial turf is so unlike natural grass. Our synthetic turf has been precisely calibrated to deliver constant balance, traction, speed, impact response, and safety, allowing balls to react predictably and players to always give it their all. Our grass is tough enough to withstand even the most intense soccer matches thanks to its resilient fibers, triple-reinforced binding, and strong backing.

Customized Artificial Turf for Soccer

The most popular sport in the world is soccer, which is rapidly gaining ground in the United States, particularly in Southern California. Improve the playing surface for your soccer players by switching to Green Turf artificial grass. Because TigerTurf is the best brand for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, including soccer fields, we only sell and professionally install TigerTurf.

TigerTurf artificial grass has been authorized by FIFA, the world soccer governing body, for use in all competitions up to and including the World Cup finals. It’s the ideal soccer field surface substitute for real grass.

Simple To Maintain

Green Turf‘s artificial grass is perfect for soccer fields and the people who maintain them. You’ll be amazed at how little upkeep it needs and how simple it is to keep it looking great, every day, every year.

TigerTurf artificial grass needs very little watering, no fertilization, and no mowing. You just need to periodically rinse any accumulated debris with a hose or sprinkler to keep it in good condition. To maintain those blades’ height, also brush any areas that see a lot of traffic.

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