Discover a Few of the Reasons That Artificial Grass Can Be Better for Soccer Players Than Natural Grass

July 8, 2021

Discover a Few of the Reasons That Artificial Grass Can Be Better for Soccer Players Than Natural Grass

Whether you run a private club soccer team, a school where children play soccer in gym class, a recreational town field, an athletic facility, or any place where people play soccer on a regular basis, you’re probably interested in providing the greatest possible experience for your soccer players. You put money into hiring experienced coaches, making ensuring their uniforms are in good shape, and encouraging them to give it their all at every practice and game.

But do you have any idea what’s preventing your players from attaining their full potential? The ground on which they train and compete. If it’s natural grass, it’s not the best surface for soccer since it’s constantly uneven and has brown spots, even if you spend a fortune on sprinkler systems and your water bill is through the sky. Natural grass just cannot withstand the dry heat of Southern California and the rough play that characterizes the bulk of soccer games. Even if your players are in kindergarten, their soccer cleats and relentless energy are sure to rip up the field.

They are deserving of the finest

Instead, convert your soccer field to artificial grass and provide your soccer players with the greatest possible surface to play on every day. It differs from natural grass in that it gives maximum traction, allowing each player to get the most out of every stride they take, and it’s so robust and resilient that you’ll never have to worry about intense play ripping up your field again.

Our artificial grass has been meticulously calibrated to ensure constant balance, traction, speed, impact reaction, and safety, allowing balls to behave reliably and players to give their all at all times. Our grass is made with robust fibers, triple-reinforced binding, and a super-strong backing to withstand even the most intense soccer games.

Customized artificial grass for soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, and it’s growing in popularity in the United States, particularly in Southern California. Upgrade your soccer players’ field from Green Turf to artificial grass to set them up for success. Because TigerTurf is the greatest brand for a wide range of residential and commercial uses, including soccer fields, we only sell and expertly install TigerTurf. TigerTurf artificial grass has been certified by FIFA, the international soccer governing body, for use at all levels of play up to and including the World Cup finals. It’s the ideal replacement for real grass on all soccer grounds.


Green Turf’s synthetic grass is ideal for soccer grounds and those who administer them. You’ll be blown away by how little upkeep it takes and how simple it is to keep it looking beautiful year after year. TigerTurf artificial grass doesn’t require any mowing, fertilizing, or watering. Simply rinse it with a hose or sprinkler every now and then to remove any detritus that has collected, and you’re good to go! Brush any places with a lot of traffic to maintain the blades standing tall.

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