Debunking Common Myths About Artificial Grass

September 12, 2019

Debunking Common Myths About Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf has been around since the late 1950s. While it didn’t gain much attention until 1966, many homeowners and business owners still preferred installing real grass over artificial grass. However, from 2014 to 2019, the annual growth rate of artificial turf installation is expected to increase a total of 2.2%, according to IBIS World.

You might be thinking, “Why switch to artificial grass if I can get the real thing?” It’s not about whether or not you can get your hands on quality, live grass. Rather, having a synthetic alternative installed is a decision that is based on what the most convenient option is for you personally.

Reading the following myths about artificial turf, you’ll discover that some of the things you’ve heard about this alternative are actually untrue. And, with the many advancements fake grass has made over the years, you can be more confident than ever before in considering getting this type of turf installed.

Myth #1 – Artificial grass looks plasticky and fake.

Over the years, the appearance and feel of artificial grass has changed substantially to mimic the characteristics of live grass. Today, artificial turf comes in many different colors, lengths, and textures made by various manufacturers around the globe. At Green Turf, we only offer high-quality artificial turf options, including options from TigerTurf, an American company.

Myth #2 – It costs too much to get it installed.

Installing live sod is no doubt more affordable than having fake grass installed. However, long term, artificial grass is more cost effective. Artificial grass requires no watering and doesn’t require the work of a gardener or lawn maintenance company to upkeep its beauty over the months and years.

Myth #3 – Live grass lasts longer than synthetic turf.

With the many varieties of live grass and types of artificial turf out there, there’s no saying exactly how long either will last. Additionally, the more maintenance you provide your turf, the longer it will last. But one thing is for sure: live grass at some point will start to show its age. It will begin to exhibit brown spots, bald patches, and signs of pests and/or diseases, forcing you to reseed your lawn, apply chemical sprays or fertilizers to your grass, or replace your grass altogether.

Meanwhile, many artificial grasses today can last up to 25 years without dealing with the latter problems. You won’t have to worry about high heat, frost, or the drought damaging your beautiful lawn!

Myth #4 – It requires too much maintenance.

The maintenance of artificial grass is far easier than the maintenance of a live lawn. Real grass involves watering, mowing, fertilizing, tending to pests and diseases, and the like. However, artificial grass simply involves occasionally raking debris from the surface and possibly spraying it down with a water hose on occasion to keep it tidy. Other than that, there’s not much care that artificial lawns entail, which is why many homeowners and commercial properties owners are so happy with it.

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