Best Artificial Grass in Riverside County, CA

February 28, 2019

Best Artificial Grass in Riverside County, CA

Are you looking for the best artificial grass in Riverside county, CA? Look no further than Green Turf. We only sell and professionally install impeccable artificial grass from top manufacturer, TigerTurf. This company has scientifically designed and calibrated their artificial grass to achieve maximum durability, strength, and attractiveness. Enjoy a low maintenance, gorgeous lawn 365 days per year when you switch to artificial grass from Green Turf. You won’t regret it for a second!

Artificial grass in Riverside county

We have been selling and installing artificial grass in Riverside county, CA, for over years, so you can rest assured that your outdoor space will look splendid when our expert installers are done. Artificial grass is ideal for all kinds of outdoor spaces, including residential and commercial areas, putting ranges, playgrounds, and so much more.

How long will my grass last on my Riverside county property?

Most official estimates from manufacturers ranges between 8-15 years, but in our experience, artificial grass can last much longer. Your artificial grass could last for decades depending on various factors including the quality of the product you choose, how heavily it is used on a daily basis, and how well you maintain it.

How to take care of artificial grass in Riverside county

Artificial grass from Green Turf isn’t hard to keep in ideal condition. It requires zero mowing, fertilizing, or weeding, and very little watering. Every once in a while, turn a hose or sprinkler on your artificial grass to rinse away any debris that may have accumulated over time, and if there are any high traffic areas, brush it every so often to keep the blades standing tall and to prevent matting. If something spills on your artificial grass, you can spot clean the area with a 50% white vinegar and 50% water solution, then rinse the spot with plain water.

What if I have pets?

Many people who live in Riverside county enjoy the company of pets. If that’s the case for you, you may wonder whether it would be a wise decision to get artificial grass. But it’s actually a great alternative to natural grass! Artificial grass is strong, so pets won’t be able to dig holes in it, and you won’t have to worry about dirty or muddy paws messing up your home after your pets go outside when you have artificial grass. Pet urine won’t stain artificial turf, and with anti-microbial Durafill infill plus proper cleaning, you won’t have to stress about bacteria or odors. For solid pet waste, simply scoop it up like you would at a park and spot clean the area with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution, rinsing with water after. You and your pets will be able to enjoy your outdoor space even more when you enhance your property with artificial grass.

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