Artificial Grass you’ll be Grateful for this Thanksgiving

November 9, 2018

Artificial Grass you’ll be Grateful for this Thanksgiving

Wish you had more time to do what you enjoy? Wish lawn maintenance didn’t take up such a big chunk of your weekends? Well, you are in luck! Today your wishes can come true when you upgrade to artificial grass from Green Turf. You’re going to love how your outdoor space looks and feels – and you’re going to doubly love how much less maintenance artificial grass requires in comparison to natural grass. This Thanksgiving, you’ll be so grateful when you transform your lawn with synthetic turf from Green Turf. Start looking into it today by calling us at (951) 656-4150. We’ll gladly provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you may have.

Low maintenance

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of our artificial grass, which features a vibrant mix of greens and a realistic brown thatch layer, your favorite feature will be how low maintenance it is. Seriously! You’re going to love how much more free time you can enjoy when you don’t have to spend countless hours on lawn maintenance anymore. With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about daily watering, mowing, fertilizing, or weeding. To maintain its gorgeous luster, simply turn a hose or sprinkler on it every so often (maybe once or twice a month) to rinse away any debris that may have accumulated. If there are any high traffic areas in your lawn, brush them every once in awhile – otherwise, those blades will naturally continue to stand tall. They have been scientifically calibrated to stand tall, resist fading, and be as durable as possible for many years of continual use.


At Green Turf, we have chosen to sell and professionally install only TigerTurf artificial grass because, to put it quite simply, it is the best. The scientists at TigerTurf are always working hard to improve their artificial grass with technological advances that are leaps and bounds beyond the competition. We love TigerTurf artificial grass, and we are confident that you will, too.

Artificial grass applications

We have many years of experience installing artificial grass in all kinds of outdoor spaces. We relish every opportunity to install artificial grass in the following applications:

  • Residential spaces
  • Athletic field turf
  • Commercial turf
  • Pet turf
  • Putting greens grass
  • And more!

You may be wondering about whether artificial grass would be the ideal option for your outdoor space if you have pets. If you have pet loved ones, whether they’re dogs or cats, you may hesitate to get artificial grass. You may wonder whether they might make it smell or dig holes in it. But when you choose TigerTurf from Green Turf, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Our turf resists stains and odors, has super strong binding for maximum strength, and with proper maintenance, will last for many years to come. When your pet does their business outside, simply scoop up solid waste and spot clean the area with a vinegar or enzyme-based cleaner, and rinse away liquid waste with a hose or sprinkler. That’s it!

You’re going to love your new artificial grass from Green Turf. Now is the perfect time to take your lawn to the next level – just in time to invite loved ones over to celebrate Thanksgiving. Give us a call at (951) 656-4150 to get started.

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