Artificial grass for photo shoots and film sets

April 30, 2019

Artificial grass for photo shoots and film sets

Would you like to have the most gorgeous backdrop possible for your photo shoots and/or film sets? Whether you’re a professional photographer, filmmaker, or just getting started as an amateur, the perfect backdrop for all your camera shots is artificial grass from Green Turf.

Crisp, lush, green artificial grass

Whether you need a backdrop for still shots or videos, artificial grass is the best choice for your project. It’s going to make your subjects stand out perfectly, and you won’t have to deal with editing out unsightly patches of grass later on. Every single shot you have will be perfectly gorgeous when you have artificial grass from Green Turf.

Stop struggling with natural grass

Natural grass can be absolutely infuriating. You always have to deal with maintenance tasks like mowing, watering, reseeding, and fertilizing – it just never ends! You can either spend a ridiculous amount of your precious time trying to keep your natural grass looking good, or you can spend a fortune on a landscaping company. The ideal alternative is artificial grass from Green Turf. It’s virtually maintenance-free!

Artificial grass maintenance

To keep your artificial grass looking great every single day for many years to come, we recommend simply rinsing away any debris that may have accumulated with a hose or sprinkler every once in a while. If you have pets or any other pets wander onto your lawn, it’s important to pick up any solid waste and spot clean the area with an enzyme or vinegar-based cleaning solution. Urine can be rinsed away simply with a hose or sprinkler. That’s it! Artificial grass requires no mowing, fertilizing, weeding, or any other maintenance. You’ll be able to focus on your craft – whether it’s making photography or films – and not worry about the condition of your grass. With artificial grass, it’ll look stellar 24/7 without you having to stress about it one bit.

Why TigerTurf?

At Green Turf, we only sell high quality, durable TigerTurf. During our over years in the artificial grass business, we have discovered that TigerTurf offers the best possible artificial grass. It’s gorgeous, lush, strong, reliable, totally non-toxic and safe for humans and animals alike, and when installed properly by the experts at Green Turf, it’ll last for many years to come. Your TigerTurf from Green Turf is an excellent investment you’ll appreciate every single day.

What about costs?

Artificial grass requires an investment, that’s for sure. At first glance, you may be surprised by how much it costs. But rest assured, it’s an investment that we’re confident you’ll be glad you made. Over the years, you’ll be so glad you upgraded to artificial grass. It’s the ideal backdrop for all kinds of photo shoots and film sets. Contact us today! We’d be happy to set up a time to tell you more about our artificial grass and give you a free, custom estimate for your property. Give us a call at (951) 656-4150 today.

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