Are You Ready to Install Artificial Residential Turf in Los Angeles?

August 28, 2019

Are You Ready to Install Artificial Residential Turf in Los Angeles?

We all dream of our residential property having the perfect lawn. To have green, perfectly cut grass all throughout the year, though, seems impossible, even with regular care and maintenance. Due to this, some people may consider installing artificial turf. With a fake yet realistic-looking lawn, many find peace with the appearance of their front or back yard.

Synthetic grass might seem like the best option – but not so fast. While artificial turf is applicable to the wants and needs of many, not everyone is necessarily a good candidate for this option. If you’ve been considering going artificial, reading this blog post will help you decide whether or not an artificial lawn is right for you.

Signs It’s Time to Go Artificial

Some people prefer a real lawn while others have no problem with fake turf; that’s just how it goes. If you’re stuck between these two options, the following signs will help you decide if artificial grass might be a good choice for you:

  • You’re tired of mowing your lawn.
  • You want to cut back on your water usage.
  • One or more of your household members has a grass allergy.
  • You’ve always wanted an environmentally friendly landscape.
  • You frequently travel or own multiple properties and are unable to tend to yardwork as often as you’d like.
  • Having a green lawn all throughout the year is appealing to you.
  • You want to install grass in a location that would otherwise be difficult to mow and maintain.
  • Your lawn gets used frequently.
  • You have a very large yard that would make maintenance difficult.
  • It’ll costs too much to hire a gardener or yard worker to help upkeep your lawn.
  • You have pets that damage your grass.
  • Your dream is to have a beautiful lawn without the need to utilize dangerous pesticides and fertilizers on it.

The Advantages of a Synthetic Lawn

Some people shy away from synthetic grass merely because it’s fake. But before even seeing the beauty and benefits artificial turf has to offer, they presume it’ll not only look and feel cheap but won’t offer the benefits of real grass.

In truth, a synthetic lawn poses many advantages. Although it’s not living, artificial turf has the aesthetics and physical touch that closely mimic that of a real lawn. In regard to what makes artificial turf different, unlike real grass, it does not have to be cut, watered, or treated with chemicals to maintain its beautiful appearance.

In the long run, switching to artificial turf can provide an eco-friendlier, more cost effective, and easier way to exhibit the lawn you’ve always wanted.

Get Artificial Grass for Your Los Angeles, CA Home

Many Los Angeles residents value their lawn. However, with the sweltering summers L.A. has to offer, more than ever before, residents are wanting to switch to synthetic turf to ensure their lawn stays lush all year ‘round.

At Green Turf, we not only provide artificial turf for homes in Los Angeles County but also for putting fields, athletic fields, commercial buildings, and much more. We’re your top source for quality turf in Southern California!

If having synthetic grass sounds like something you’d enjoying having in your Los Angeles yard, contact us at (951) 656-4150 for information on our turf.

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