A Few of the Many Reasons to Choose Artificial Turf for Your Home or Business

July 20, 2021

A Few of the Many Reasons to Choose Artificial Turf for Your Home or Business

Artificial grass outperforms real grass by a factor of a thousand. It’s better for the environment (no watering, mowing, or chemical fertilizers), it’ll save you money on your water bills, and it’ll save you time. You’ll also appreciate how well artificial grass withstands everyday use year after year without exhibiting any signs of deterioration. There will be no barren patches or muddy places; only beautiful, bright, realistic-looking grass will be available 365 days a year. Make the move right now — you won’t be sorry!

Why should you choose Green Turf for all of your artificial grass requirements?

Now that you’ve decided to invest in fake grass for your house, the next step is to choose a provider to install it. The good news is that Green Turf services all of Southern California, and we only sell and expertly install TigerTurf quality artificial grass. TigerTurf is a leading manufacturer of high-quality artificial grass in the United States.

Their grass has been carefully developed to be as long-lasting and beautiful as possible. Our professional workers are skilled in the installation of all types of artificial grass. They will make sure that every inch of your outside area is in perfect condition so that you may enjoy it on a daily basis for many years to come.


Aside from how beautiful your grass will be every day, you’ll be ecstatic at how much free time you’ll have now that you won’t have to bother with time-consuming lawn upkeep. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed, weeded, or fertilized, so say goodbye to chemical treatments. You won’t have to spend your Saturday or Sunday mornings mowing the grass any more.

You’ll receive a lot of pleasure from spending time outside without having to deal with time-consuming grass upkeep. Simply rinse your fake grass with a hose or sprinkler every now and then to remove any debris that has gathered, and brush any heavy traffic areas on a regular basis to keep it looking beautiful. That concludes our discussion. That’s all you’ll need to do to keep your lawn looking great 365 days a year for many years.

You grass is covered by an excellent warranty

Now is the ideal time to install Green Turf on your yard. We provide the following guarantees to give you true assurance that you’re making a good decision. The grass itself is covered by a 15-year warranty. If your artificial grass develops specific specified faults, TigerTurf will replace it at no cost to you. The expert installation of your lawn is guaranteed for three years. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with the way your grass was installed, we will return to your property and correct the problem right away. That is our assurance to you!

Artificial grass will drastically improve your quality of life. It will improve the appearance of your home, save you money on water bills and lawn mowers, and allow you to spend less time on lawn upkeep. Call us at (951) 656-4150 for a free quote right now.

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