5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Old Artificial Grass in Redlands CA

March 30, 2020

5 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Old Artificial Grass in Redlands CA

Just like real grass, artificial turf can encounter issues over time. Sadly, there’s no such thing as grass that is indestructible and not prone to damage. (If there was, we’d be the first to tell you!)

Normally when it comes to real grass, you’d pretty much know when it’s time for it to be replaced or at least reseeded. Patches of your grass might be dying – or the entire thing might be completely dead, it might be experiencing a widespread disease or pest infestation, or you might notice other obvious inconsistencies in your grass that don’t seem resolvable.

But if you currently have an artificial grass lawn, how on Earth do you know when it’s time for it to be replaced? Our clients often get confused with this because, well, artificial lawns don’t die, they won’t ever deal with diseases or pests, and they won’t get patchy overtime with normal wear and tear.

Fortunately, there are still ways to know when it’s time to opt for a fresh installation of artificial grass. Speaking of which, here are five common signs replacement might be a good idea:

  1. Patches of Grass are Becoming Loose.
  2. Even a proper installation can become loose overtime. With lifted or insecure inlays, this can create a hazard for people, especially young children.

  3. The Color Has Started to Fade.
  4. One of the reasons people choose artificial grass over real grass is because it stays green throughout the year. However, even artificial grass as it starts to age might begin to fade. This is especially true if your lawn is exposed to the hot California sun a majority of the day.

  5. Your Grass Has Been Through the Ringer – and it Shows.
  6. Has your grass been through some tough elements or encountered an accident? Maybe you accidentally caught your fake grass on fire, or your puppy tore part of it up. Either way, these issues might necessitate replacement.

  7. You Smell a… Not So Pleasant Whiff.
  8. Artificial grass can take on a lot – really, it can. And it’s also pet-friendly! But with time, you may notice that after your pet has continuously done its business on your synthetic lawn, and you haven’t taken the extra precautions to clean your lawn afterward, your grass may start to stink, permanently. Yuck! Time for a replacement.

  9. Your Lawn Has Stains.
  10. This sign ties in with the last one. Lack of cleaning after your pet after it does its business on your lawn may lead to some unpleasant stains. In this scenario, you might also consider replacing your turf, and we completely understand why.

If you deem it the right time to go out with the old and in with the new artificial grass-wise, we know the perfect company to help you get the job done: Green Turf! Our artificial grass experts in Redlands, CA offer great pricing and quick installation that can’t be beat.

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