3 Reasons Why Fake Grass is Perfect for Southern California Residents

November 28, 2019

3 Reasons Why Fake Grass is Perfect for Southern California Residents

Artificial turf has and continues to be installed in many different climates, from colder locations to sweltering regions. It has made many properties go from ‘meh’ to ‘absolutely stunning.’ But since we’re based out in Southern California, we thought we’d explain why Southern California residents in particular can greatly benefit from the installation of a synthetic lawn.

  1. Even though the drought is considered over, California is still drought prone.

Just because the state of California isn’t currently considered in a state of drought doesn’t mean that we can go crazy with overwatering our live lawns. Sorry – the browner, less green patches of your lawn will have to stay for now as California residents remain mindful of their water usage. Artificial turf, however, is an excellent alternative to real grass as it’s completely drought tolerant and doesn’t require gallons of water a week to stay alive, and it will remain green throughout the year!

  1. Artificial turf complies with the mandatory water restrictions.

The drought may be over for now, but cities in Southern California and beyond still have to stick to strict water restrictions. And there’s no excuse if you accidentally water your lawn on the wrong days; if you get caught, you will most likely get fined. Many find the water restrictions a bit frustrating and tedious, especially when they have to look at their calendar to see what day it is to decide if they’re allowed to water their grass, but of course, these regulations are in place for a reason.

Since you can’t avoid the water restrictions – that is, unless you move elsewhere – the next best thing to do is have artificial turf installed. Not only will you not have to worry about programming your sprinklers to certain days and times to comply with the current mandatory water restrictions and adjusting such with any future restriction changes, but you won’t be required to water your fake lawn at all. In turn, this means you’re playing your part in conserving water even more.

  1. It requires very little maintenance for busy lives.

Compared to many other states, California is sometimes considered a place that’s common for “hustle and bustle.” While some people might think most Californians are laid back, those living in or near Los Angeles are quite the opposite. They’re often stressed, busy, and frequently commuting on the crowded streets.

With many Southern Californians’ lifestyles, they might have someone come out to regularly to maintain their yard for them. Or, for those who want to save money in the long run while maintaining a gorgeous lawn all year ‘round, they might install artificial turf instead. With no need for maintenance except for maybe a few rakings or sprays with a hose to get rid of debris from the surface of your synthetic lawn, artificial turf is the best option for busy Southern California residents!

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